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It’s been a while since a restaurant has opened in Leeds that EVERYONE is talking about. Since Zaap Thai launched at the beginning of the week I feel like every tweet I see is about it and it fast seems to be a favourite of Leeds food bloggers so when me and P found ourselves in Leeds today we decided to pop in for lunch.

Inside it’s decked out Bangkok street market style with tuk tuks, neon signs and Singha stickers adorning any spare wall space (there’s not a lot of that). It’s full of energy; almost hectic with staff and people buzzing around the restaurant. We were seated straight away and shown the menu which is a mixture of smaller nibbley bits (like dim sum) and bigger dishes (like roast meats).

To drink I went for a Green Tea Bubble Tea (£3.50) which was delicious; pretty much an iced green tea milkshake. There weren’t any tapioca bubbles in it though which sort of defeated the point of bubble tea but nice nevertheless.
To eat I decided to go light and order some dumplings & a salad. I had the Hakao (£3.20) which are prawn steamed dumplings. They were very tasty; soft with lots of filling and splashed with sesame oil. I also got served 5 instead of 4 which made up for my missing tapioca in the bubble tea. P had the Kanom Jeeb (£3.50) which are little pork & prawn dumplings and he had no complaints.
For the salad I chose the Yum Pla Duk Foo (£5.95) which I was disappointed with. Maybe I should have Googled before ordering but I had expected more salad and a piece of ‘light crisp fish’ however what I actually got was more of a garnish salad and a large piece of flaked fried fish. The salad was lovely with great flavours (very spicy if you’re thinking about ordering) however the fish was definitely not for me. It was fairly greasy and I couldn’t taste anything aside from batter. On the plus side though it did mean P was willing to swap one of his Sa La Pao Moo Daeng (£3.50) for the fish. The buns were really good; stodgy (as they should be) and filled with sweet, sticky pork. P did regret giving me one though as the sticky rice he’d ordered didn’t actually turn up…
Fish salad
We found Zaap hit & miss in terms of food and service, to be honest we probably won’t be heading back there anytime soon as Leeds has other Thai restaurants we prefer. I can see the appeal of the place though, it’s lots of fun. Perhaps we just turned up on an off day…


  1. Ah sorry to hear you had a bad experience 🙁 I went yesterday and was really pleased with my food but they calculated our bill wrong so the service could do with being perfected. You should try My Thai it’s absolutely amazing and prices are about the same!
    Deimante x

  2. Definitely need to check out My Thai – I’ve heard a lot of good things!

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