Wine tasting at La Tasca

So last night me and P were kindly invited by the lovely ladies at Manifest PR to a wine tasting event at La Tasca. Now I don’t know much about wine (so please forgive me for vague descriptions) but I know I like it!

It was the first time I’ve been into La Tasca since it’s had a bit of a makeover. Granted last time was probably about 5+ years ago in Cambridge. The décor has been opened up, lightened and there’s much less dark wood and deep red. In fact, it was rather lovely, stripped wooden floors, pretty tiles and lots of neutral colours.

We tried a huge range of Spanish wines, there were about 7 or 8, varying from white, light and crispy to the Guinness equivalent of red wine. There were even a few sherries chucked in for good luck, though I’ll admit now I’m never going to start a love affair with sherry. My favourite of the white’s was Paco & Lola (one of La Tasca’s rising stars) very light crisp and dangerously drinkable. My favourite red was the Freixenet Mia (another rising star) which again was dangerously drinkable, very light and fruity. Apparently a wine for the ladies, but we won’t hold that against it!

We were also served some tapas to compliment the wine. With the whites we had some amazing calamari, P declared it some of the best he’s ever had, and I really had to agree. I was a bit wary of the Salsa Chicken Wings (there’s no way to be dainty about sucking the meat of bird bones) but it was worth the mess. Spicy and tender, it literally fell away from the bone, the spice perfectly matched with the crisp white wines. We also had some Manchego Cheese to go with one of the sweeter white. I’m never going to say a bad word about manchego, I could eat it morning, noon and night. Then finally with the white’s we had a little toasted bread with melted cheese and jambon on top which was my absolute favourite, so rich and moorish-I could have eaten a million of these, can’t find them on the La Tasca menu though so delicious along with being an enigmatic mystery…

With the red’s we had seemingly endless amounts of cooked chorizo, was deliciously smoky with a hint of spice. The only let down of the evening was the meatballs. The texture didn’t do a lot for me (I think they were pork/pork mix and I always find them a bit ‘smooth’).I have to say I was really impressed with La Tasca, especially the quality of the tapas. It’ll definitely be on my radar next time I fancy some España.


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