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Twisted Burger Company aren’t new kids on the block. In fact you could probably call them old timers in the burger game; they’ve been serving in Sheffield since 2011. They did a stint at Aire Bar however they’ve taken a step back from Leeds and moved to Ilkley. We were invited to try out the menu there so popped over after work one evening.

The set-up of the Twisted Burger Company appears to be residency in bars/pubs rather than standalone restaurants, Ilkley is no different and they’ve made themselves at home in The Yard which is a cute little relaxed bar. I assume it’s a local hotspot at the weekend going by the pictures of DJ’s swigging straight from the vodka bottle on the website however the vibe was a lot more relaxed on a Wednesday night.

Although the menu is standard fare for this kind of joint (burgers + fries + sides) they have mixed it up with different types of patties, toppings and it was good to see a veggie AND vegan option on the menu. We went for the Holy Cluck (£7.95) and the Pig Daddy Kane (£7.95).
Twisted Burger Company
The Holy Cluck had a chicken patty instead of beef which did look a bit processed-ish but actually tasted very nice. Toppings were cheese, chorizo (which added a good kick), salsa & guac – they all worked well together with the burger. My only real criticism would be that the guac didn’t look or taste that fresh, more a squeezy tube jobby (avocado snob right here).
Twisted Burger Company 1
The Pig Daddy Kane was my favourite of the two burgers; two patties piled high with pulled pork, cheese & chorizo and apple jam. The burgers are obviously a decent quality of meat; generally I prefer one big patty cooked a bit pink but that’s down to personal preference and I know there’s a ton of H&S regulation. The pulled pork was good too, not at all plasticky or overly sweet tasting. Both burgers were served on potato buns which held up really well, and though brioche makes for a great burger I find it can fall apart in your hands.
Twisted Burger Company 2
Along with the burgers we also tried out a few of the sides; the Pig Pimpin Fries (£5.50) and the Jalapeno Business Fries (£4.75). They were both absolutely huge, you definitely don’t need one each. Again Pig was my fav; a generous helping of that pulled pork with a rich cheesy manchego sauce. They’re quite similar to the Pig Daddy Kane burger so I’d maybe choose something else if you were going for that as it got a bit pulled pork overload for me. The Jalapeno Business Fries were P’s favourite; he described them as nachos but with fries which I think is a fair description. I liked the touch of a whole grilled chili on top; I can imagine groups goading each other into eating it.
Twisted Burger Company 4
Twisted Burger Company 3
The food across the board was pretty good, and for the price & portions I don’t think you can complain. I understand why they took a step back from Leeds; there’s a huge amount of burger competition now and some really good (and better) offerings. I think they’ll do well in Ilkley though, I had a quick Google and there doesn’t seem to be anything similar around. Also setting up in bars is a no brainer, this is exactly the kind of food you want with a pint.

This meal was complimentary, views are my own though.

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