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Now, I’ve dipped my toe in and out of Trinity Kitchen, Trinity’s street food offer. A hungover burrito for breakfast here, a sneaky milkshake there and a few visits to Pho (hey at less than 200 calories for a tasty salad who can blame me?). But I’ve been fairly conservative, I read other Leeds food blogs and I kick myself that I don’t visit more often-especially now I’ve missed OFM.menuSo when I was kindly invited down by Trinity to try their new rotation of traders I leapt at the chance. When me and my date arrived we were treated to a glass of champagne and seated at a blogger table. We were given a menu and decided to share a couple of options.

Before I’d even read the menu I knew what I wanted to try. If you’ve not heard of MEATliquor I’d be surprised, they’re pretty much synonymous with the American MEAT movement in London and have brought their food truck, the MEATwagon, up the M1 to Leeds. I went for the Dead Hippie Burger (£8, I’ve seen they’ve now repriced this to £7 instead) which is a dense, juicy burger topped with pickles and cheese. It was darn tasty and I ended up pretty messy, I’m not ashamed to say there was burger juice everywhere (the waitress bought extra napkins at one point). So would I buy it out of my own pocket? I’m not sure. I enjoyed it but it’s pricey, I was a tad surprised to see that it’s only 50p more in their sit down, ‘that London’ restaurant. My date enjoyed it regardless though (I think that’s burger she’s eating anyway-see below).burgerellenFor our second main course we went for Cafe Moor. I LOVE Cafe Moor. I’ve followed them from their little cafe in Hyde Park to the takeaway to the Market. I’m glad to see them set foot in Trinity, the owner Kada is a lovely man. The food is delicious and authentic, I’ve never been disappointed. We went for the Shawafel (£7.50) which was a mixture of really delicious falafel and incredibly well spiced chicken shawarma. It was served with lovely thin flat breads, salads, houmous, yoghurt and some very spicy but very tasty batata harra (potatoes and peppers with herbs and spices). Again a similar price to MEATliquor but it felt more like a meal to me.wrapAll in all a very lovely evening, both dishes were really very good so make your own mind up about prices and the what. Plus Trinity Kitchen is perfect to have a potter about so why limit yourself to one trader?

If you want to check out any more of the traders (and they’ve got a good lot on at the moment) keep an eye out on the below Twitter account

This meal was complimentary, views are my own though.

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