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Sometimes I have a tendency to take things quite literally… So when Yo Sushi contacted me to see if I’d like to try Tokyo To Go, their new takeaway menu, I decided the best way to put it to the test was on a 2 hour train ride. There are lots of things I didn’t consider before doing this like:

1) taking decent photos on a moving train is actually quite hard (sorry)
2) there is not a lot of space on a train so we had to eat it tapas style
3) not spilling buckets of soy sauce is again quite difficult
4) people look at you really weird when you spend ages trying to photograph each dish

Anyway aside from this, Yo Sushi fared pretty well for a train feast, here’s what we got…

Yo To Go
The only hot dish we got was the Chicken Gyoza (£4) which are filled with a mixture of chicken and vegetable. Decent enough but not the best gyoza I’ve ever had. They’d gone a bit chewy however I think that’s probably more to do with the length of time between them being cooked and us eating them so perhaps not the best dish for takeaway. The soy vinegar dipping sauce was a nice change from just soy; the vinegar added an acidic edge that cut through the dumplings – something I’ll definitely be trying when we have them at home.

Yo To Go 1
Next up was the Yasai Box (£5); I love tamago (sort of like a slightly sweet omelette) and inari (tofu) so this was always going to be my favourite – I also usually prefer the vegetarian sushi options over fish. Considering this would have been enough for lunch I thought a very decent price as it was all freshly made and much more interesting than a sushi box you might grab from a supermarket.

Yo To Go 2
Then onto some sashimi; Seared Beef Tataki (£4) and Albacore Tuna Truffle Ponzu Tataki (£4). The beef was really good quality and the coriander pesto it came with was delicious; really herby and fresh which worked nicely with the rich beef. I was disappointed in the tuna though. The fish again was good quality and really meaty however I couldn’t taste any truffle ponzu at all which had really sold the dish to me.

Yo To Go 3
Yo To Go 5
We then went on to have our second box which was the Tsukiji Box (£5.50), a mixture of different nigiri. The rice was perfectly cooked & seasoned (I like it to have a good kick of rice wine vinegar). P particularly liked the mackerel sushi, not one you usually see as standard in high street sushi places. We also had the Kaiso Seaweed (£2.80) which I am definitely going to try and recreate at home. Marinated seaweed, edamame & carrots in a miso-y sesame-y sauce – yum.

Yo To Go 6
By this point the amount of dishes were piling up and we were starting to get full… Then came The Poke which is a new addition to the Yo Sushi menu – the idea is they’re rice bowls topped with lots of different bits. We had the Shichimi Chicken Poke which is a mixture of spicy chicken, seaweed, crispy shallots, red onion & pickled cucumber on top of seasoned rice. The toppings were a nice variety however there was waaaay too much rice to topping ratio. Pretty much all that container is rice so there just wasn’t enough topping to go around. Good if you’re looking for something to fill up on as it’s only £4 but Yo Sushi has a lot better to offer.

Yo To Go 4
Then finally we finished off with 2 hand rolls; Crispy Salmon Skin (£2) and Salmon & Avocado (£3.55). Hand rolls are always a must for me when I get sushi and I’m never one to turn down a skin based snack (pork scratchings etc). I always find they’re a good extra to have as a side; if you’re not quite sure your main is enough but you don’t want to commit to another box (hand rolls that is, skin snacks are a yes regardless of hunger scale).

So did Yo Sushi pass the takeaway test? I’d say so! There were a couple I wasn’t keen on but the majority we really enjoyed. It’s a great option if you want to grab something that’s tasty, fresh and healthy.

p.s. They’re also on Deliveroo so if you’re close to the city centre you can get it delivered.

This meal was complimentary courtesy of Yo Sushi.

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