The Local Pantry

I’m pretty set in my ways when it comes to Leeds; I have my feet very firmly planted in the city centre, Headingley, Meanwood or Chapel Allerton. I rarely go further afield however we’ve had a lot of housework done the past month or so and housework = errands. One of our jobs took us over to Pool-in-Wharfdale as Butch Catsidy was enjoying a brief stay in a nearby cat hotel, which is how we ended up at The Local Pantry.

The Local Pantry is a lovely little farm shop, deli and cafe along Harrogate Road. It sells all manner of amazing things so be prepared to part with some cash; local meats, fruit & veg, cheeses, pies, some of the best looking cakes you’ve ever seen plus loads more. P had to pretty much tear me away from the shop half to grab a seat in the cafe.
The Local Pantry
We visited around 9.30/10am and already it was super busy with people grabbing breakfast, we were lucky to get a table straight away. There’s a dedicated breakfast menu (along with a lunch one and I do believe I saw a poster inside for their supper clubs). I had a pot of Peppermint Tea (£2.00) which arrived in the cutest little teapot for one! P went for the Smoked Salmon & Scrambled Eggs (£8) and I went for the Mushrooms on Toast (£7).
The Local Pantry 1
The Local Pantry 2
All the food was absolutely delicious and the quality of the ingredients used is really apparent. The mushrooms on toast were a real surprise as I have NEVER EVER tasted mushrooms with that depth of flavour. My only little bugbear would be a few extra slides of toast please, to make the dishes a bit more filling.

All in all it’s the perfect place to fuel yourself up for a walk in the countryside or maybe reward yourself with a cake. I’ll definitely be popping back, just need to find an excuse to go over to Pool…

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