Temple Coffee – Leeds

Long time no blog ey! I’ve been keeping myself busy though – we’ve finally managed to find a new house after selling ours way back in April so there’s been lots of rushing around, admin and planning to try & get going as we need to be in by early Jan – eeek! Means that the blog has taken a bit of a back seat but don’t you worry – I’ve still been trying out new places and this is top of my list – Temple Coffee in Kirkstall.

It’s P and mine’s new favourite breakfast place – delicious coffee and even better donuts. It’s not been open long (maybe a month or so) but it’s already the hottest spot in Kirkstall (and probs Leeds TBH). In my limited visits I’ve tried quite the range of donuts already; Strawberry Glaze, Coffee Glaze, Rhubarb & Custard Glaze, Chocolate Orange, Reese’s Cup and Raspberry. But stand outs are the Coffee Glaze (such a strong espresso hit) and and Strawberry Glaze (like your childhood strawberry milkshakes but better). Vegan rejoice as they also have a huge range suitable for you too – and they seem to have a massive rotation of flavours as I’m always spotting new ones on Instagram.

Prices are good; coffee is around the £2.50-£3 mark (and is quality caffeine) and donuts are priced around £3-£3.50. That might seem expensive compared to your bog standard donut but these are HUGE and much, much tastier.

The place is cool too – industrial vibes as it’s on a trading estate but also kinda cosy (big squishy sofas). The only downside is it gets busy, very busy so don’t be surprised if you have to queue for your donut or wait for your coffee. I promise it’s worth it though!


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