The Swine That Dines – Roots To Shoots

A quick post from me as I’m a busy bee at the moment but really wanted to share this meal as it’s been on my to-do list for ages – The Swine That Dines Roots to Shoots evening. You must have heard of The Swine That Dines by now? If not go forth and read my previous blog post.

Anyway along with their meaty weekends (3 times a month), there’s also a non-meaty weekend (first weekend of the month). I don’t want to call it a vegetarian weekend because IT’S NOT JUST FOR VEGETARIANS. Thom @ Leeds Confidential sums up my feelings on this mentality much more eloquently than I ever could so give it a read.

Back to the dishes…

Cow’s curd, blood orange, chicory and nigella seeds – a delicious little taster that set the scene for the rest of the evening.

Slow roasted miso tomatoes with a sourdough breadcrumb and seeds.

My stand out dish of the evening; Gnudi, Greens, Chilli then smothered with Pecorino. Gnudi are similar to gnocchi but made with ricotta which makes them oh so light – I totally resented sharing this particular dish and really wish I’d got some sour dough bread to mop up that oil.

Aniseedy carrot ribbons piled on top of beetroot hummus with oats and hazelnuts.

Potato and Applewood Cheddar Boulangère with Pickled Veg – the rich potato and vinegary veg balancing each other.

My second favourite dish of the evening; Smoked Pumpkin, Guacamole, Pickled Red Onion and Roasted Corn Tacos. Just amazing and so, so moreish.

Vegetarian Black Pudding with Spring Onions and Rouille.

Sticky Toffee Pudding and Lemon Tart with Blackberries for dessert.

None of the dishes disappointed but there were a few stand outs (hello gnudi and tacos!). The sticky toffee pudding was also perfection, I even took P some home much to his delight. Service was charming as usual, a very pleasant evening indeed and one you should try out even if you’re not the V word!

p.s. apologies on the slightly haphazard photography – I was in a rush to dive in…

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