The Sunshine Bakery Gourmet Take Away

sunshine takeawayAlthough I love cooking sometimes I’m just not in the mood. Especially on a Friday night after a long week however as I’ve mentioned before I usually hate take aways. Most leave me feeling dirty & greasy, like I need a shower. Luckily Meanwood has a couple of newbies on the block, there’s Mr Nice Guy’s and there’s also The Sunshine Bakery Gourmet Take Away.

We decided to go for the Sunshine Bakery option since we were trying to be a bit healthier, and they’re got some more diet friendly options on the menu. I went for the Moroccan Sea Bass Sandwich (£5.50) and a side of Asian Salad (£4.50). Ordering is easy enough, just call up and they can take your payment over the phone or cash on delivery. We were mega lazy and got it delivered despite it only being down the road. Delivery time was fairly accurate to the estimate they gave, maybe a few mins over.

The Asian salad was lovely; a good mix of fresh, crisp vegetables with a sweet chili sauce, we were a tad disappointed about the small portion, not cheap at £4.50 but the sea bass made up for it.

The lightly battered sea bass was delicious, cooked to absolute perfection. It comes with some of the Asian Salad and butternut squash inside the bap (I found the butternut squash a bit here nor there,I’d probably pick it out and eat it separately in future), along with what I think was wasabi mayo. The brioche bun was incredibly tasty and held the filling together well. It’s very apparent that all the ingredients are good quality, it shines through.

All in all the perfect takeaway if you want something healthy (ish), delicious and zero effort.

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