SIX – Leeds

You ever get that feeling post Christmas when you just need something that’s not cheese? I know, it’s seems incomprehensible to feel like that during the January diet months but believe me, I uttered those words at the end of 2017. Maybe you don’t want to cut off ALL the fun though…? Well that’s where somewhere like SIX steps in; healthy food but bottomless prosecco – what’s not to like?

It’s a fairly new addition to Wellington Street and they have decked it out UBER Instagramable – all exposed brick, green velvet chairs and hanging plants. I’m currently redecorating the new house and drawing much inspiration from their style. Food is equally as Instagramable; the menu is about local, organic and seasonal ingredients. We were there for brunch in the lull between Xmas and NY, and I have to say it was fairly quiet but it is a very big restaurant so would take a lot to pack it out. It’ll be interesting to see how it does as I always find Wellington St a funny ol’ location…to me it’s very quiet as I’m never there during working hours though have noticed lots of new buildings & places popping up so there must be people knocking about somewhere!

We were trying out the bottomless brunch which is any breakfast/brunch dish with 2 hours of unlimited prosecco for £15. We all went for the Vegetarian Brunch Bowl (£12) which included scrambled eggs, sauteed purple potatoes, hash brown, avocado, beetroot hummus and toast. Honestly it wasn’t the *best* brunch I’ve had; everything was cooked well and I liked the twist on the traditional breakfast with purple potatoes and beetroot hummus, lots of variety…but there was nothing absolutely stand out. The fizz we had was delicious though – they’d run out of prosecco so they substituted it for a fizzy wine (I wanna say it was Argentinian) and were very liberal with the top ups. I’d say it more than made up for not being blown away by the food. I would like to give it another go though as there’s some interesting looking healthy options on the menu, and a good restaurant that does healthy food is a great one to keep up your sleeve.

Final thoughts on SIX? The food wasn’t anything crazy special but the service was great and the vibe of the place was lovely so I probably would visit again but maybe try something different. I mean *those* green velvet chairs are worth a second visit alone surely?

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