Rosie’s Diner – Leeds

Rosie’s Diner isn’t entirely new to me; many times I’ve popped in hungover to grab a plate of pancakes (which are a perfect hangover cure by the way) but I haven’t had their non breakfast menu for a while – when you can have pancakes, bacon & maple syrup followed by a banana milkshake, why would you get something else? But alas on NYD we were far too hungover to make the midday cut off.

So what does one order if pancakes & bacon aren’t on offer? Well this beast to start – Rosie’s Blooming Onion (£6.95). So impressive a dad actually sent his daughter over to our table to have a look. I still don’t understand the logistics of the onion (Is it one massive onion? How do they deep fry it?) but I do know it tastes good, especially when you’re craving hungover fried food. It’s lightly spiced with paprika batter then deep fried but not greasy.
Rosies Diner Leeds Onion
We also ordered a few dishes from the Christmas menu (tis the season after all). We had the Stuffing Balls (£2.95) which were to be honest pretty much like Paxo packet ones but sometimes when you’re hungover that kind of nostalgic comfort food hits the spot. We also had the Camembert Bites (£5.45) which were deep fried, bread crumbed chunks of gooey cheesy deliciousness.
Rosies Diner Leeds C Bites
Rosies Leeds Stuffing
Seeing as it was our last blow out before healthy eating we also got a portion of Mac & Cheese (£3.45) and Chicken Wings (£5.95). The wings were juicy and covered with a sticky BBQ sauce, mucky fingers all around. They also came with a blue cheese sauce for dipping which wasn’t too strong (stinky blue cheese = bad times on a hangover).

Obviously carbs are a must for a hangover meal so we opted for the Mac & Cheese (£3.45). To be honest I wasn’t holding out for a lot but I had a craving for mac & cheese. It was actually surprisingly good. Very buttery and rich with a good twang of cheese. It wasn’t so strong though that it wasn’t suitable for kids though.
Rosies Diner Leeds Mac n Cheese
There was a children’s birthday party in the bus (THEY HAVE AN AMERICAN YELLOW SCHOOL BUS INSIDE KLAXON) when we visited and the staff were nice enough to warn us about them in case we wanted to sit further away. Whenever I’ve been here the staff have been great and service has been quick though, if anything they have a turn ‘em over fast vibe which sits with the diner style.

So should you go to Rosie’s? I wouldn’t say any of the food was blow me away fantastic however it was good plus I think it’s probably a good option with kids as it’s pretty damn fun inside (YELLOW BUS KLAXON AGAIN). I do have to say though, if you can roll out of bed before midday, definitely do as I promise those pancakes will fix a hangover in no time at all.

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