Poco Sicilian Street Food – Kirkstall

Have you been to Kirkstall lately? There’s loads of little foodie gems popping up all over the place. It’s the kind of location that Kirsty & Phil would tell you is a good investment and is probably not far off having a Waitrose…and one of my favourite of those gems is Poco Sicilian Street Food. Wedged inbetween a pub and a takeaway on Kirkstall Rd it definitely sticks out a bit, but in all the right ways.

It’s a tightly compact deli selling all wonder of delicious Sicilian goodies. There’s pastas and pizzas and rotisserie chicken. Focaccias and cannoli and salads. But really what I want to tell you about is the arancini. Oh my the arancini. As big as your fist and perfectly crisp. Saffron spiked rice with a truffle mushroom filling. Absolutely divine and the best £2.50 you’ll ever spend – I promise. There’s also a meaty one for the carnivores and a nutella filled one for the sweet toothed. But really it’s all about that truffle mushroom goodness.

Although the arancini are a highlight, do give some of the other dishes a go too. I’m rather partial to the Vegetarian Focaccia (£3.50) a soft, chewy dough topped with delicious roasted veg. An arancini and a focaccia is just the right amount to tip you over into napping on the sofa carb comatose – the ideal Sunday afternoon activity. Along with foods like pizza breads and rotisserie chicken that you can eat straight away, there’s also a mix of different pasta specials that can be taken away and heated up later if you have neither the time or inclination to cook (and to be fair, it’ll take a whole load of energy to make anything taste this good).

The deli does have a few bar seats along the edge but everytime I’ve been in it’s super packed so it doesn’t make for the ideal eating scenario, much better to enjoy from the comfort of your living room whilst wistfully wishing you were in Sicily *sigh*


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