Pinche Pinche Takeaway

So I did say that I was going to do a diet post round about now. And I really was. But sometimes you have a long day at work and what seemed like an exciting meal when you were meal planning on Sunday evening is more than a tad dull on Wednesday. Plus I’m a BIG believer in treats. Probably too many treats, but I’ll save that panicking for 3 days before my holiday.

I came home today and I couldn’t face the thought of cooking. I couldn’t even face the thought of assembling food from Waitrose. Now what do you do when you can’t be bothered to cook/assemble and the boy doesn’t want to stray too far outside because the Masterchef final is on?….enter the takeaway. I have a very love/hate relationship with takeaways. There aren’t generally many decent ones that don’t make you feel like showering after and I have to be totally in the mood to get filthy (oooh-errr). This is where Pinche Pinche comes into it’s own. A restaurant that does takeaways (hallelujah), sadly you still have to pick up, not being able to drive and having a boyfriend that does becomes pretty handy ūüėČ

We went for the Lamb Tacos, Beef Quesadilla,¬†Jalape√Īo¬†Poppers, Chicken Tlacoyos and Pinche Gucamole which came to ¬£23.

The lamb taco’s were 3 palm sized¬†tortilla¬†filled with delicious slow cooked smoky lamb (if you’re sharing, be prepared to fight over the third). The beef quesadilla were again deliciously smoky and filled to the brim with meat and melted cheese. The¬†jalape√Īo poppers were cooked perfectly, deep fried (without being greasy) bread crumbed jalape√Īos¬†stuffed full of cream cheese (watch out for cheese dribbling down your chin syndrome). I’ve never had tlacoyos before so we opted for those, they are thick maize flat breads topped with refried beans, cheese, salad, sour cream, and in this instance shredded chicken. The chicken was the perfect spice to complement the fresh toppings and stodgy¬†flat bread. All of these came with a choice of salsa’s, we picked an¬†arbol salsa which was spicy with a huge chilli kick at the end, and what I think was their salsa ranchera,¬†smoky¬†chipotle based-both delicious. I’ve saved the best till last, my absolute favourite from Pinche Pinche is the simple¬†guacamole¬†and chips. SUCH good value (there must be about 4¬†avocados¬†in the serving of guc you get), freshly made with added tomato and zingy lime juice. My absolute must when I order from them.

I was stuffed after sharing everything with P but didn’t feel dirty and at just over a tenner each, great value for decent, quality food. It’s a bit of a pain having to pick up (but I guess it is predominately a restaurant) however it did only take about 20/25 mins. Plus it’s WELL worth it.

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