Pieminister Revisited – Leeds

Mmmmmmmmm Pieminister. You might have spotted in my last review of Pieminister (here) that I was rather a fan of the new pie place in town so I was eager to go back when they invited me in to try their veggie pie range. I’m not enough of a pie aficionado to understand pie politics but I’m lead to believe the topic of veggie pies can be more divisive than the EU referendum.

P and I visited last Friday evening, although we arrived late on (around 9pm) it was rather empty with only a few other diners in a fairly spacious restaurant. We were seated in our own little corner by the window so we could people watch the top of Call Lane.

Whilst we pondered our pies we had a Chili Pickled Egg (£1.50). An acquired taste I think as P screwed up his face at it. I quite liked the vinegary hit with the egg though. We also had a couple of beers; Pie PA (£4.40) for me and Freedom 4 Larger (£4) for him. Both were really decent draughts and a good price – the perfect pie accompaniment!
Pieminister 1
Now to the main show; the pies. I went for the Saag Pie-neer (£5) with Skin on Chips (£2.20) and Homemade Slaw (£2.20). A fusion pie I guess you’d call it filled with peas, paneer, spinach, potato, chilli & mango served with lime pickle instead of gravy. Really delicious and not too over powering with the flavours – like last time the pastry was fantastic mmmmmmm buttery & flaky. I would have liked to see a bit more paneer inside though. I also liked that it came with a pickle instead of a gravy. I’m not totally sold on gravy yet (*gasps from everyone reading*) – as I’m not really into wet food… The sides were as good as last time too; crisp, freshly cooked chips and coleslaw that was a nice refreshing crunch.
Pieminister 2
P went for the Heidi (£5) with Mash (£2.20) and an Onion Ring Stick (£1.40). The pie was probably my lesser favourite out of the two, but still good though. A mixture of sweet potato, goats cheese, spinach and red onion. All the flavours worked really nicely but I found it a bit less exciting than the other one. Like the Saag Pie-neer I would have liked more cheese! Unfortunately the gravy was not so good. It was an Onion & Red Wine gravy; P thought it tasted like alcohol that hadn’t been cooked down and I thought it tasted a bit Bisto-y. A shame as I actually quite enjoyed the meaty gravies on my last visit (a big claim from a wet food hater). Thankfully the sides were much better; the mash was creamy with no lumps, just what we like to see (or taste) and the onion rings were crispy but not greasy. The Pimp Up Your Pie Sticks are a good option if you want a side and a half so they’re worth a look, especially as you can get a pigs in blanket stick…
Pieminister 3
So am I a veggie pie convert? Maybe, I’d definitely get the Saag Pie-neer again as it’s a lighter alternative but probably share it with another meat pie eater – the best of both worlds!


The meal was complimentary, views are my own though.

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