Pieminister – Leeds

Pieminister had a tall order before I even stepped in the door – I don’t like pies *gasp* cue lots of angry Yorkshire folk gathering at my door with pitchforks. When I say I don’t like pies I’m generally referring to the traditional shortcrust pastry all encased pie rather than say spinach & feta with a puff pastry lid (arguably not even a pie but that’s a whole other blog post). To be honest I even sort of resented having Pieminister as my cheat meal of the week (trying to be healthy, go figure) but when we woke up on a rainy Saturday after a week of sunshine a commiseration pie just felt right.

We headed over at lunchtime to their new Leeds restaurant (opposite the top of Call Lane), it was busy and I think we got some of the last seats. I’ve seen a few reviews saying it can get a little…cramped and we were seated on a bench next to some other people but it was fine, maybe because we only wanted to pay for an hour parking so were hoping it would be a fairly express job. We were given the menus to look over and I decided on a Zesty Cloudy Lemonade (£3.80).
It was good and tasted homemade but I felt maybe a little overpriced considering some of the beers were cheaper. The boy had a Cappuccino (£2.40) which was perfectly fine. Now the main event, I opted for the Moo & Blue Pie (£5.10) with Pieminister Slaw (£2.50) and Courgette Fries (£3.40). P went for the Fungi Chicken Pie (£5.00) with Mash (£2.00) and Onion Rings (£3.20). There’s a hell of a lot of variety on the menu; 16 pie, hot pots, salads, 12 sides, nibbles, puddings so it can take a while to settle on a choice. Me & P agreed to share so we could try as much as possible.
My Moo & Blue pie was fantastic (and this coming from a pie hater). The pastry was buttery and not at all soggy, with a flaky top. The filling was rich, not too watery and had a hit of Stilton. It was served with a beef & port gravy. Thankfully for me in a separate jug as I don’t like to douse food in gravy (I don’t even know why Yorkshire bothers with me) which was delicious. P declared it the better of the two gravies. The courgette fries were more wedges. They still had a good bite, the batter was crisp and not too greasy; great dunked in the gravy. The coleslaw was much needed to cut through all the rich food, and although an unorthodox pie accompaniment, one I’d recommend.
Pieminister 2
The Fungi Chicken Pie was equally as tasty; filled up with tender chicken and mushrooms; really flavourful despite being a potentially boring choice (I admit I did think this however I ate my words…). The gravy accompanying was also great; chicken & sherry, though the beef & port was the real winner. Like my courgette fries the onion rings were well cooked and not at all greasy. P also had the mash which he said was good.

Suffice to say we were both pretty stuffed after we’d finished and didn’t even bother to look at the pudding menu (yup, there’s pie pudding). Service throughout was very friendly and attentive despite it being so busy.

So am I a pie convert? Perhaps, although I think maybe I’m more of a Pieminister convert. I fear that all pies are created equal however Pieminister pies are created more equal than the others.

This meal was complimentary, views are my own though.


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