Pieminister Brunch – Leeds

Now I have to say, a lot of my social life is revolving around bottomless brunches at the moment. There’s something very attractive about getting out the house early, getting a bit merry and then being home in time for an afternoon nap. Maybe I’m getting old or maybe I’ve just discovered the optimum way to drink? For the most part the menu’s bottomless brunch restaurants do are fairly indistinguishable – avo on toast [tick], some sort of steak & eggs affair [tick], pancakes [tick]. Don’t get me wrong, all great options but sometimes I just wanna see something a little bit different, a little bit original. Well Pieminister are certainly doing that, how’s about a breakfast pie?

When Pieminister emailed me to invite me to try out their bottomless brunch, of course I was intrigued – pie’s aren’t the obvious choice to brunchify so I had to see this for myself. P and I visited a few Saturday’s ago. It was still early (11am) and we were pretty much the only people in so it was very quiet. Not hugely surprising either as it was one of the blisteringly hot heatwave days so pie is not what people tend to crave.

The Pieminister menu is fairly limited; a few brunch pie options and a few skillet pan options along with the token avo on toast. Drinks are either prosseco, Aperol spritz, Bloody Marys or mimosas. It’s £20 per person for 90 mins which is the cheapest brunch I’ve tried in Leeds – so good, so far. We started off with mimosas, and I’ll be honest…they weren’t great. The fizz tasted flat & warm, like it was from the night before. We drank it eyeing each other dubiously, not a good start. Thankfully the next glass (and so on) faith was restored. Bubbles galore and chilled – just perfect on such a hot day. The staff were also fab at keeping us topped up throughout, and coupe glasses made a cute change from flutes.

Foodwise I opted for the The Wild Bunch Skillet and P had the Morning Glory Pie. Mine was a skillet filled with béchamel type sauce and sausages (reading back the menu it also said it had bacon but to be honest I can’t remember getting any at the time), topped with mash and then grilled. It was very rich and stodgy but tasty. The kind of thing you want on a cold wintry day so the weather definitely didn’t work in its favour. It also came with a grilled tomato, a poached egg and a side of toast. The tomato was topped with herbs & garlic so really tasty, unfortunately the egg wasn’t runny and the toast was a bit burnt – still edible but not the best.

P had mixed feelings on his pie – similar ingredients to the skillet but encased in pastry so it really was even richer and stodgier than mine. Again his was served with a tomato and an egg that wasn’t runny but he fared better on the bread. His was almost like fried bread rather than toast – he couldn’t quite manage it after the pie so I greedily finished it off. Both dishes were also meant to come with smoky beans however they didn’t have any so we had mushy peas instead – P had to send his back as they were cold but the staff were quick to rectify this and he enjoyed his pie and peas together.

I love that Pieminister are trying something new, and there were plus points to the brunch but there were definitely some teething problems to smooth out. Hopefully though given a few more runs and some cooler weather, it could be a fun bottomless brunch option if you fancy something a bit different.


This meal was complimentary, views are my own though.

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