Neighbourhood Bottomless Roast Dinner – Leeds

Gifted press meal.

You’ve probably become accustomed to my mini series of bottomless brunches in Leeds, but how do you feel about a bottomless roast dinner?! Well Neighbourhood on Greek Street have launched just that (£35 for a roast and 1.5 hours of drinks) so I visited to check it out… Neighbourhood isn’t somewhere that would spring to mind when I think of roast dinners – it’s more of a drinks with the gals location than stuff yourself silly and undo the top button of your jeans kinda place. Every corner of the bar is instaworthy – Neon, tick. Plants spilling from the walls, tick. Beetlejuice inspired floor, tick. I visited with a friend on Sunday around middayish and it was pretty quiet but started filling up as we started to near the afternoon.

The Drinks

The bottomless drinks are your usual fare – a choice of prosseco, gin, vodka, beer or a cocktail. However they are VERY generous with the booze, don’t expect this to be a quiet Sunday dinner and, although the cocktail tasted fairly fruity I’m pretty sure it had a decent slug of gin – quietly lethal.

The Food

There’s a choice of three roasts – chicken, beef or veggie. I opted for the chicken and I have to say I wasn’t expecting great things (I mean, I know Neighbourhood for 1am drinks rather than home cooked comfort food like I said) but actually it was a very good roast. The chicken was still tender and moist, the potatoes were SO crispy and perfection dunked in gravy, fluffy Yorkshire pud, carrots and kale still al dente with a rich buttery flavour. The cauliflower gratin was a tad on the thin side for me but apart from that I had no complaints about the food. My only bugbear was that I would have much preferred it all on one plate than skillet, board and dish. Small things like the Yorkshire being separate meant it got cold quicker than the rest, but really a minor issue in the grand scheme of things – especially when you’ve had a glass or two of prosseco! The portions are definitely not stingy either, combined with the bottomless booze I was ready for a nap under the table after we finished.

I love a bottomless brunch, so did I love a bottomless roast? – I’ve been to Neighbourhood’s brunch so can give a fair comparison. I really enjoyed the roast and it’s definitely worth a go if you’re up for a bit of Funday Sunday afternoon or you’re after something that’s a bit more substantial but I think I’ll always be a brunch girl in my heart of hearts – and they do a bloody good avo on toast.

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