Mr Nice Guy’s – Leeds

The takeaway is a constant source of argument in our house. The boy is a BIG takeaway fan. Me…not so much. I love the idea of them but in reality they make me feel like I need a shower afterwards, a bit dirty. I rarely have them unless copious amounts of alcohol is involved.

However that is all about to change. Enter Mr Nice Guy’s. They’re the people behind Get Baked (treat delivery) and they’ve been promising us quality takeaway food for a few months now, I’ve been eagerly checking their FB as dates have been pushed back but oh maaaaaai lord is it worth the wait!

Last Friday we sacked off the healthy eating and got down to business, burger business that is. I went for a double cheese burger with grilled onions, gherkins and naughty sauce (£7.50) with a portion of fries with jalapeno salt (£2) and a Nutella brownie (£2).

It came in around 40 mins and there was none of the ‘they didn’t bring this’/’they delivered the wrong thing’ faffing, everything was present and correct. Present, correct AND delicious. The burgers were meaty and rich with a lovely brioche bun, the naughty sauce had just the right balance of spice. The fries were crispy with a sweet/spicy hint from the jalapeno salt. And despite being full to the brim I (selflessly) choked down the brownie. Okay devoured. It was perfect. Even better, post-takeaway I wasn’t racked with the usual dirty takeaway shame. In fact I’m already planning my next takeaway from them, hello sliders!-in my absolute annihilation of the food I forgot to take a picture so you’ll have to have a little investigate of their page yourself.

My only downers were that currently you can’t order online or pay by card (but I understand that’s coming) and that milkshakes are collection only. However I’ll take those cons in exchange for a damn fine burger.

You can check out the menu here:

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