Monsieur Dejeuner – Leeds

Who doesn’t love French food, really? Especially when it involves cheese and booze (a hint at what’s to come). Monsieur Dejeuner is one of Headingley’s latest cafe additions, in all honesty I’m a bit late to the party (or should that be fête), it actually opened back in the beginning of 2016 – remember then? Before the world broke. Anyway ahead of a day of pottering in Headingley a friend and I popped in for lunch to sample their French delights.

The cafe is actually deceptively big once you’re inside, it’s got a small frontage but goes way, way back. Good news if you’re wanting a table at a busy time but it does mean it’s a bit on the dark side. There were a few tables left when we visited so we grabbed one in a cosy corner and settled ourselves with the menu surrounded by little touches of French bric-a-brac.

To drink we both went for a glass of the Cruse Blanc de Blanc Sparkling Brut (£4.50). I had a Cappuccino (£2.40) and my friend had her own caffeine kick in the form of a Coke (£1.50). The wine was delicious; very crisp and dry. I wasn’t too bothered by the cappuccino, it was much too milky for my liking, I’d go for an espresso next time. (Bringing olives with the drinks is a lovely touch too.)
And food? My friend got the Croque Monsieur (£4) which honestly she is still raving about. An authentic French croque of ham, Emmental cheese, Béchamel sauce and a touch of mustard to cut through the richness – she’s already planning her next visit.
I went for the Chèvre Tartine (£6.20) which was toasted bread topped with melted goats cheese, walnuts and a drizzle of honey. Absolutely delightful and they definitely didn’t skimp on the cheese – there was loads of it. My tartine was also served with a side salad – I hate hate hate when side salads are just dumped on the plate without a second thought and this definitely hadn’t been. The leaves were topped with olives, sun dried tomatoes and tapenade. Nearly as good as the tartine but, y’know, cheese is always gonna win.

Although we didn’t get any sweets this time (I must have been having a brain fail) there’s loads to choose from; I have my eye on the Belgian Chocolate or Homemade Salted Caramel Crepes, or if you prefer a smaller nibble they do Chocolate Truffles and Macaroons at the counter.
Not only do Monsieur Dejeuner serve fab food I also spotted all sorts of events lined up for the cafe; French movie nights, French lessons, music in the evenings. Definitely do pop into Monsieur Dejeuner; it’s a lovely little cafe with bags of personality – it’s bringing a touch of Paris to Headingley.

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