Manahatta Bottomless Brunch – Leeds

I am very aware my blog is turning into a bit more of a brunch blog rather than an all round food blog but bear with me on this one as it’s a little less brunchy and a lot more boozy than usual. The story goes that every Christmas Eve me and the bestie go out in our home town; drink, eat, be merry – all the usual Christmas stuff. But this year we broke the tradition – why? Not because I’m a dreadful friend buuuut she moved to Leeds in autumn so Christmas Eve wasn’t a pressing a meet up and we rescheduled for a few weeks later a) I could hang out with the fam on Christmas Eve b) have something to look forward to in the bleak misery of Jan. We agreed on a bottomless brunch because obviously brunch is the best meal and secondly we’re pretty sure we could make a big dent in a restaurant’s prosecco stock.

We found ourselves in Manahatta, they do a bottomless brunch over the weekend from 11am-3pm with a variety of breakfast and more lunchy dishes. There are a few options for your 90 mins of unlimited drinks; either prosecco, Bloody Marys or beer. All for a very reasonable £19.95 (or you can upgrade to one of the more lunchy dishes for an extra fiver). I’ve never eaten at Manahatta before (though have stumbled in for a drink once or twice when I’ve been a bit worse for wear) but it’s part of the Arc Inspirations Group and generally I think the food is pretty decent for a good price. It’s never going to win awards but I’ve never been let down either.

The bestie and I visited last Saturday and were surprised at how busy it was. All the booths were booked out so we ended up at one of the bar tables. Fine as there was just 2 of us but if you’re planning a bigger group (or fancy luxuriating in a booth) do book. Manahatta is pretty nice during the day, as I’ve only ever visited under the cover of night I was a bit worried it would have that slightly odd club during the day vibe with a whiff of sicky bleach but it was light, bright and airy. No night after odours and actually I wouldn’t have guessed it wasn’t just a restaurant had I not known.

The menu is a combo of brunch and lunch stuff, none of the brunch dishes were doing it for us so we went for the Steak, Fries and Egg (I upgraded to sweet potato fries in the name of health, obvs). The prosecco started flowing straight away and I’ve gotta hand it to Manahatta, their staff were on it (a massive shout out to our waitress who was fantastic; she was super attentive even though she had lots of big groups to look after). Our glass only reached the bottom once during the whole 90 mins and someone quickly topped it up straight away. The downside is that I have absolutely no idea how much we drank, I’m gonna hazard a guess at 7 or 8 filled right to the top glasses.

When our food arrived we were already a couple of glasses down so it was a welcome sight on an empty stomach. The steak was cooked just as I’d asked – really rare. It was a bit tough but really flavourful and my lesson at Gaucho taught me you generally have to trade one for the other – I’d always go for more taste and less texture. The fries were good and the egg was cooked perfectly (crispy but with a runny yolk). The salad and tomato were, y’know, salad and tomato. Then back to many, many more glasses of prosecco…

Manahatta is a good option for a bottomless brunch; the food was good and the drinks kept on coming. My only grumble would be I’d like to see a few different brunch options on the menu. I have a sweet tooth in the morning and would have loved a big ol’ stack of pancakes, or being a cliche blogger, some avocado toast. That’s all down to my personal taste and there were loads of lunch options aside the more breakfasty items. Definitely a good way to start the day!

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