Leeds Restaurant Bucket List

Hullloooo *waves* it’s been a while right? I’ve been mega busy with work, a little jaunt to Poland (Gdansk – I did keep meaning to photograph/blog about it but cheap beer got in the way…) and I’m just coming out the other side of a nasty case of food poisoning/norovirus which has had me housebound since Tuesday (it’s now Saturday).

I had hoped this weekend would be spent chilling in Leeds and eating out however my stomach has other ideas and a peanut butter bagel is currently considered ‘adventurous’ so writing about places I’m thinking about will have to suffice. Okay, the blog title is perhaps a little severe but 4 days in bed has left me feeling all dramatic…

Bulgogi Grill
I’ve had this craving to go to Bulgogi Grill for ages, odd for me as I’m pretty lazy and DIY meals don’t usually strike a chord. Hoooowever I’m also intrigued by somewhere that can offer a healthy dining out option and it looks pretty great for that. We were planning to be there this lunchtime (moan moan moan) but stomach etc.

Bear with me on this one. Yes I know it’s usually where you’re off your nut 1am on a Friday night but it also does delicious tapas at more socially acceptable times. P and I went ages ago, probably going on 4 or 5 years, and we vowed we’d go back (see paragraph before about me being lazy). A bonus that on Wednesdays the tapas is half price – go go go!
The Brunswick
I’ve been to The Brunswick for drinks but haven’t eaten yet and after all the reviews I keep hearing, it’s most definitely at the top of the list. The menu looks fairly succinct but good things and small packages right?

The Lost & Found
Somewhere that really wasn’t on my radar until I started investigating places for an upcoming bottomless brunch and thought the starter & main brunch options looked really interesting (hullo brown butter pancakes, banana, hazelnuts, chocolate sauce). I’m going at the end of the month so I’ll post a blog of it then.

Grub & Grog Shop/Sheaf Street
Sunday dinners out are often a bit rubbish non? Well if Grub & Grog Shop can be judged by their crumpets (read here) then Game Sundays will most definitely not be a let down! I can’t find any recent mentions about it online so I’ll do some digging to make sure it’s still on…

Northern Bloc Ice Cream
Okay not quite a place but shout out to my fav ice cream makers! I’m spotting them more and more around Leeds (along with country wide) for very right reason; the goods are gooooood – particularly the Chocolate & Sea Salt Ice Cream and Raspberry & Sorrel Sorbet. Check out where they’re stocked near you and get your skates on, you won’t be disappointed.

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