Leeds Christmas Parties

The season of eating, drinking and being merry is nearly upon us (*squeals with gluttony*), and of course drunken Christmas parties. Bored of dry turkey & cold roasties? Check out some alternative suggestions.

Image from Picjumbo

Image from Picjumbo

The Traditional OneThe Black Swan
I’m really not into roast dinners (cue Yorkshire folk revolting everywhere) but had a rather pleasant one at The Black Swan (read about it here) which nearly made me change my mind. I’ve been for non-roast food as well which was delicious so I’ve no doubt they do a spectacular Xmas menu. It doesn’t seem to be out yet so keep an eye on their website for details. They also do a private dining room for up to 200 people in case you’re rowdy enough to be kept behind closed doors.

The Boozy OneBuca di Pizza
I’ve actually been here a few times before (once on a work night out) and it’s great. 90 mins of unlimited pizza and prosecco for £22, what’s not to love? The pizzas are really good, loads of variety (onion bhaji on a pizza – bing bong!) and they’re generous with the fizz. There’s a beer & soft drink option for non-fizz drinkers.

The (Boozy) Traditional One
The Faversham
Perhaps a bit for a wildcard here as I’ve not eaten at The Faversham since uni days (going on 7/8 years) and haven’t heard anyone mention them for a while but bear with me there’s a reason I’ve included them… From 28th November they’ll be doing a BOTTOMLESS CHRISTMAS DINNER. 2 courses of food with bottomless prosseco, bucks fizz, mulled wine or beer for £29 – they’ve got different rooms for hire (ranging from 40-500 people) depending on what you need. If you have eaten at The Faversham recently let me know your thoughts and I can update.

The Favourite OneOx Club
Ox Club is one of my, if not my favourite restaurant in Leeds. Apart from a slight hiccup on desserts when they first opened they’ve never let me down whether it’s dinner or brunch (both fantastic in my opinion). I’ve just spotted their Christmas menu and it really looks rather special; like the sound of pork belly, burnt pear & black pudding? Or perhaps burrata, fig & radicchio? Those are just a couple of the starter options and the rest of the menu looks just as good. Definitely give it a look at 3 courses for £25. Wanna know more about my thoughts on Ox Club? Read here and here.

The Meaty OneFazenda
I’ve not actually been to Fazenda before but I’ve only ever heard good things. All the Brazilian meat you can eat, cut at your table along with a salad bar that everyone raves about. Also a bit of table theatre goes down a treat if you’re trying to think of things to talk about with Kev from Accounts. They’ve got a Christmas menu which ranges from about £25 @ lunch to £40 @ dinner and includes a drink & pudding.

The Posh One(s)Gaucho or Iberica
Been a hard worker this year and the boss is pushing the boat out? Try Gaucho or Iberica for your work do. Both have really great food and an occasion-y atmosphere. Currently Gaucho have their Christmas menu online (£55-£65 for 3 courses) and some delicious looking Christmas cocktails – well hello Gingerbread Sour! There’s a decadent private dining room for around 20 people. I visited Gaucho a while ago for a meat masterclass which you can read about here.

Iberica don’t have a Christmas menu up but I’m guessing they will do in the near future. They’ve got a private dining room upstairs but really the main restaurant & bar is spectacular (and obviously the infamous bathroom) so try and hang out there (maybe not the whole time in the bathroom though, you don’t want people to talk). I’ve been to Iberica a few times which you can read about here and here.

The Veggie OneBundobust
I’m a big fan of Bundobust whether it’s just grabbing a drink with a friend or a bigger group. I’ve done a team night out for food here before and it was a fun one; really chilled, the food is great and the beer is second to none. Last year they did a Christmas menu for 6+ which was £15 a head so keep a look out to see if they do this again, if not they do take bookings for groups – just not on a Friday or Saturday evening. Read more about my bhel puri addiction here.

The ‘Cool’ One(s) The Reliance or The Brunswick
These are ones that I’ve not eaten at before but I’m pretty happy to recommend them as I’ve never heard a bad word said against either. They’re both on my ‘next places to visit’ list. The Reliance & The Brunswick have private dining available. And although I’ve never eaten properly at either (just brunch at The Reliance), I have popped in for drinks and they’re some of my favourites. Really relaxed but also pretty cool.

The Activity OneRoxy Ball Room
Again somewhere I’ve been with work for a night out but not usually somewhere I’d go (I don’t really subscribe to the move more way of life). However I was really impressed with the set up for groups. There’s a VIP room which holds around 50 people, has a ping pong table & snooker table. It’s separate from the rest of the bar so it feels really private and there’s room service so you don’t have to schlep out to the main bar. At £30 a hour it’s very reasonably priced. I’ll admit the food isn’t gourmet; pizzas, fries, nachos and the like but after a few sherbets who cares?

The Cheesy OneHomage2Fromage
Christmas tis the season for cheese-ing and boozing and what better way to celebrate workplace comradery than with LOADS OF CHEESE. Really it’s the best bit about Xmas right? My cheese favs over at Homage2Fromage have a few great options you could try; cheese night at The Adelphi is always a laugh (you get to learn about, and most importantly eat, loads of different cheeses), they also do private events if you’re after more of an intimate cheese affair or new for Leeds & Sheffield – a pop up cheese supper club! Priced at £25 a ticket it’s a 3 course cheese fest with 2 dates in November and 2 dates in December which would be a ace Christmas party if you’re a smaller team. Interested in all things cheese? Have a read of my visit to the Homage2Fromage Cafe here.

Got any more suggestions? Let me know and I’ll add them to the list.

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