Huckleberry’s Diner – Yeadon

Sometimes you get those hangovers where moving anywhere beyond the sofa to watch The Hills (circa 2009) seems nay impossible, but sometimes, just sometimes the gods gift you a hangover that allows you to almost feel normal, if very hungry. Sunday morning was one of those days. Despite a solid 12 hour drinking session the day before, I managed to haul myself outta bed to Yeadon to try out Huckleberry’s Diner. What brought me to Yeadon you may ask? P had heard lots of things about Huckleberry’s Diner, famed mostly for its Man vs Food challenges. Not usually something I’d suggest travelling 25 mins for but y’know hungover me likes an easy life. Hungover me is also really into pancakes.

Huckleberry’s Diner is fully decked out American roadside style complete with an abundance of US flags just in case you forget the theme. Not too busy on a Sunday morning, we got a seat straight away. That’s when the pace slowed down though, we were pretty much ignored for 20 mins until we asked for a menu. Service picked up after that and was very friendly with food arriving quickly so maybe an early morning blip.
I have a particularly sweet tooth when I’m hungover so as soon as I saw the milkshake section of the menu I was there. Usually I’d go for the peanut buttery/banana type but went a bit leftfield (maybe my hangover talking) and tried the Pop My Cherry (£3.95). I was not disappointed… piled high with whipped cream, cherry sauce running throughout and, of course, finished with a cherry on top it quashed any suggestion of a hangover. My only bugbear? I ‘get’ sauce and cream dripping down the side is meant to look all out food porn-y but I just can’t deal with a messy table. I spent most of the meal mopping up after my milkshake.
Food wise I went for the American Toast (£5.95) which looks like a greasy mess on a plate but was actually rather good. Crispy eggy sour dough bread dripping with maple syrup, the bacon was up for debate though. I like mine a bit crispier and so do the Americans – this was more the floppy variety. After the milkshake, 3 slices was definitely too much and P had my leftovers boxed up for his brunch ‘pudding’.
P went for the Huck’s Hash (£6.95) which was a big old mound of hash browns, baked beans, onions, mushrooms & a fried egg – enough to defeat even the worst of hangovers. If I’m honest I didn’t think it looked that appealing, a little cheap really but actually trying a bit made me eat my words. Everything tasted good quality and the hash brown was especially delicious – I think probably homemade. P also got a side of Sourdough & Jam (£2) which was totally unnecessary and of course boxed up to take home with the remaining American Toast.

So will I be frequenting Huckleberry’s Diner again when I’m in less than peak condition *cough* hungover? Hmmm, perhaps. It’s quite a distance to travel if you’re feeling rough however I’d definitely give it a go if you live closer and can drag yourself out of bed.

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