House of Koko – Leeds

I’ve been meaning to go to House of Koko for ages now, I’ve seen a lot of talk about them; everything from their delicious breakfasts to pop up supper clubs but I’ve never managed to squeeze a visit in. After watching one of their chef’s appear on Masterchef I was reminded so this Sunday morning I dragged P out of bed, over to Chapel Allerton for a hungover brunch.

Firstly I have to stay how lovely the place is; a nice mixture of vintage and industrial with comfy corners and chairs to while away the day. The owners definitely have an eye for decor. We popped in around 11ish on a Sunday morning and were lucky to get a table, there was a constant trickle of people so don’t be too surprised if you have to wait a few mins (don’t worry though, there’s a little shop area at the back to keep you entertained).

In standard blogger style we of course went for the avocado on toast; The Old Boy (£5.45). A generous mound of mashed avocado with pickled radishes, toasted pine nuts and chili on top of sourdough – a really good combination of flavours with the radish and chili cutting through the rich avocado. Perfect to kick away the tail end of a hangover.
I always have a sweet tooth after a few drinks so we finished off with a few slices of cake; Tiramisu for me and Lemon Curd for him (I think each slice was around £3) along with a Chai cuppa (£2.65). The Tiramisu cake was nice; light & not too rich but the Lemon Curd was something else. Still really moist with an unashamed zing from the lemon curd.
There’s also lots of other dishes on the menu that I’ve got my eye on; goats cheese and figs on toast (hello!) or perhaps one of the salads. P has already decided he’s going to have the Baked Beans on Toast when we next visit.

The atmosphere is also just what you want from this kind of place; buzzing with activity and food was quick but we never felt rushed or there would be any issue hanging around a bit longer (but bed calls when you’re hungover).

Really, I’m quite annoyed with myself that I’ve not been to House of Koko before now.

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