Hepworth’s Deli – Leeds

I did start out with good intentions this morning, the plan was to go do brunch at Laynes/Belgrave. Some sort of salmon & avocado affair with a veg juice to wash it down. Absolutely not pancakes. Or bacon. Or pancakes AND bacon. However when we rocked up at Belgrave there wasn’t a seat in sight so decided to walk towards Trinity to see if we could find an alternative. We’ve often looked in on Hepworth’s around brunch time however it’s only got a few seats so is always rammed, but we got lucky today. Maybe everyone was at Belgrave?

If you’ve never heard of it before, Hepworth’s Deli is tucked down in Thornton’s Arcade. It’s a teeny little deli with a few tables and some bar sitting. They also do all day brunch at the weekend – score!
To drink I went for a Flat White (think it was around £2.50) and a Red Berry Smoothie (£3.50). The coffee was good, not exceptional but definitely quite a few notches above average. The smoothie was delicious but very, very thick – almost like drinking yoghurt.
Food wise I went a little bit naughtier, okay a lot naughty…Blueberry & Banana Pancakes with Bacon (£7) which were absolutely massive and drenched in maple syrup. Not even kidding, each one was the size of my face. They were fantastic though, really fluffy and light, the crispy bacon added a nice salty contrast to the dish.
I didn’t manage to finish them all though which is a testament to how big they were (I can eat), I only managed 2 out of the 3. Even after that I was debating getting a little something from the counter to take home with me (macaroons for 50p each!), that’s how good everything looked. I decided not to and am thoroughly regretting the decision, I could just about eat a pistachio macaroon right now…

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  1. Ooh these look tasty! I’ve never heard of this place before and I’ve lived in Leeds for about 4 years now. Need to track this place down! X

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