Heaney and Mill (Roast) – Headingley

I’m really not a fan of roast dinners…there, I said it. You can now gasp in horror as most people do when I tell them. I’m not sure if it’s because I never really had them growing up or I’m a weird separate eater (smoshing everything together is my food nightmare) but roast dinners have never struck a cord with me. That is until Heaney and Mill roast dinners came into my life…I could eat them everyday of the week and not get bored.

I’ve written about Heaney and Mill before so you can find out more about the vibe here, I’ll focus on the food for now. On Sunday’s they have the main menu but also a choice of roasts – usually beef or pork (£13.50 each with all the trimmings). I’ve tried both and can’t fault the pork (and crackling, my that crackling) but this time went for beef.

Perfectly rare beef, roast AND mash potatoes, greens, carrot puree and cauliflower cheese. All delicious, everything is cooked spot on; al dente veg, buttery mash, crispy roasties. Just the right amount of everything to leave you feeling satisfied but not so much you can’t manage the walk home. A top tip is to ask them to make the smoked cauliflower cheese – an excellent twist on the original, why don’t more people do it? My only request would be please, please, please do the lamb again. My first visit with P we had the lamb and it was sensational but never to be seen again!

In fact the roast is just the right portion size that you can manage pudding, and you definitely shouldn’t turn it down. I had the Rocky Road Brownie (£6.50) which was rich and gooey, topped with caramelised marshmallows. The brownie is served with Hazelnut & Tonka Bean Ice Cream which is a subtle, grown up flavour from our friends over at Northern Bloc. There’s a smidge of raspberry coulis on the plate to cut through the rich flavour, adding to the balance.

I have to say Heaney and Mill have made me fall in love with roast dinners, yes it may have happened later in life but now I eagerly look forward to Sunday evenings when I can plonk myself down at a table in Heaney and Mill (and really, when does anyone look forward to Sunday evenings). I can see it becoming a very regular Sunday occurrence…I’ve got a lot of making up for all those missed roasts though, right?


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