Fire Lake Grill House – Leeds

Although I’m trying really hard to eat healthy at the moment, me and P thought we deserved a night off so took Raddison Blu up on their offer of trying out their new restaurant, the Fire Lake Grill House. It’s located in The Light and you might miss it at a first glance but if you peek your head round the door you’ll see the bar, and behind that the restaurant.

The new decor has a speak easy feel about it; lots of dark wood and leather. We were seated in a booth towards the back. It was pretty empty (though we were eating early) but it was nice, it felt like we had a private dining area as we were in the booth!
Fire Lake Grill House Menu
The menu is a bit on the confusing side as there are some random sections, I’m still none the wiser to the difference between the ‘Starters’ and the ‘To start, to finish, to share’ section. It’s American grill style so probably best avoided if you’re a veggie, I think I only spotted 1 vegetarian main on the menu.
Fire Lake Grill House Wine
To drink I went for a large glass of the Tilia Bonarda (£8.30) which was a perfectly pleasant Argentinian red, plus look at how swoonworthy that glass is!
Fire Lake Grill House Fish Board
For starters me and P opted to share a few of the ‘Mingling Platters’. We went for the Lake and Graze (£10) and the Stubbornly Yorkshire (£11). The Lake and Graze board had potted trout, pork scratchings and a marmite/borvil sandwich. Anything that features pork scratchings is alright by me! The trout was tasty though I’m not really into that texture for fish, the pork scratchings were obviously great (you can’t go wrong really) and the sandwich was a nice nostalgic twist, P said it complimented the fish perfectly.
Fire Lake Grill House Meat board
Out of the two boards I preferred the Stubbornly Yorkshire which had a variety of cured meats, a pig cheek terrine, pickled veg and beetroot yoghurt. All of the cured meat were of great quality and the terrine was delicious; nice and dense. The surprising star of the dish were the pickled mushrooms and (I think) shallots. They had just the right acidity to cut through the richness of the meat, especially the terrine. At first we were a bit disappointed that there was no bread accompanying but after working our way through both boards we figured it was probably for the best as we would have been too full!
Fire Lake Grill House Pork
For our mains P ordered the Dingley Dell Pork (£18) which was a pork chop, a black bean relish and a pork bun. He wasn’t overly impressed with the pork as it was a little on the dry side (though to be honest I think pork cooked like this does always tend to be). The pork bun was a cute addition however again a bit dry. He raved about the black bean relish, saying it was really tasty and pulled the dish together, his only qualm was there wasn’t enough! It also came with a serving of the Fat Fries, which are huuuuuge – you could definitely play jenga with these bad boys! I didn’t manage to try one but he said they were nice and fluffy on the inside, crispy on the outside.

We also had a few sides; Classic Fries (£4) and Jar of Greens (£4). The fries were perfectly good French fries with a decent sprinkling of salt. The veg was also pleasant; cooked well if a little boring. I’m also not sure where the jar disappeared to.
Fire Lake Grill House Tuna
For my main I ordered the Peppered Tuna Shawarma (£17) which came with sesame yoghurt and a torched tomato. The yellow fin tuna was well spiced and tasty, the wrap nice and the sesame yoghurt a good tangy addition. But £17 for this? Really? I would have been thoroughly disappointed had I been paying for it.
Fire Lake Grill House Dougnuts
To finish off we shared a couple of puddings. We had the Warm Doughnuts (£6) and the Figs (£7). The doughnuts were fresh out of the fryer and reminded me of the seaside! Really delicious and I could have eaten at least 5 more.
Fire Lake Grill House Figs
The figs were a left field choice, originally we had wanted the chocolate pudding on the menu but this was off so we panic ordered the figs. We were still a bit unsure when it turned up as it looked like pudding soup however we were about to eat our words. The lavender flavoured custard had just the right amount of lavender and worked perfectly with pieces of salted meringue and the figs – definitely one I’d order again.

Throughout the dinner all the food came swiftly and service was brilliant; our waitress was chatty and attentive without being overbearing.

The food was a bit up and down at The Fire Lake Grill House; starters and puddings were great however the mains were lacking which is a shame as I really liked the feel of the place and service was excellent. I’d liked to try it again however it’s at the higher price end of restaurants in Leeds so I might just pop in for a glass of wine and a nibble!

This meal was complimentary, views are my own though.

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