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Now if you’re a long time reader of the blog you’ll know that steaks aren’t really my thing…sure I’ll eat them but I’d never really choose to go to a steak restaurant. I guess it’s mostly because I know I can cook a steak pretty damn well at home and when I’m out I want to eat food I wouldn’t be able to whip up in two shakes of a frying pan. However one of my besties is a steak obsessive so when we were deciding on our next bottomless brunch, CAU was number 1 for her…and at £25 for 2 courses and 2 hours of booze, well, it was definitely fine by my January bank balance.

CAU was one of the first restaurants to launch in Victoria Gate, it’s the sister restaurant to Gaucho but much more casual (and less pricey). It’s above the middle section of shops and pretty much 360 windows so perfect for people watching from afar. We visited one Saturday in January at around lunchtime, it wasn’t too busy but there was a nice buzz of people trickling in and out.

Brunch is a simple affair; a set platter to start, a choice of 6 mains and unlimited prosecco for 2 hours.

The platter came out pretty swiftly once we’d ordered. A selection of breads, olives and savoury pastries. The olives had an overwhelming flavour of preserved lemon so we didn’t munch through many but made a good dent in everything else. The pastries were spicy beef empanadas and chicken coxinha – both tasty but quite heavy for a starter. The goats cheese & onion flatbread was delicious, and the chimichurri butter was fantastic with the bread selection. I must try and recreate it at home – all the ingredients of chimichurri chopped up finely and mixed into the butter.

For our mains we both went for the Steak & Eggs. Okay so when I said I wouldn’t really choose steak this was a bit of an exception to the rule, there was nothing really on the menu that tickled my fancy as the options are fairly limited (burger, salad, cooked breakfast, sweet potato pancakes or eggs benedict). I eat my words though, the steak was flash fried (not the best cut but full of flavour) and the eggs perfectly runny. OK, so maybe something I could have recreated at home but who can be bothered when you’re slightly hungover at a Saturday brunch time? We also ordered a side of chimichurri which you HAVE to get; a fresh, sharp sauce of herbs, vinegar & garlic – perfect to compliment the rich steak.

The bubbles were flowing throughout the meal. It’s not the type of restaurant where everyone is doing a bottomless brunch as I’ve noticed these places tend to have staff coming round to top up fizz at the table. CAU is more mixed so you order your prosseco by the glass. I lost count after about 3 or 4 but I’m sure we drank a fair bit within the 2 hours, and the service was brilliant throughout the meal.

At £12.50 for the 2 course brunch and £12.50 for bottomless prosseco I have to say that CAU is probably the best value bottomless brunch in Leeds. Even if I do have to drag myself into a steak restaurant 😉

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