Black Swan Sunday Roast – Leeds

Along with (generally) not being a fan of pie I also lose a lot of Northern points for not particularly being bothered about a Sunday roast or gravy. Maybe it’s because we never really had them growing up but I just don’t get them. I do however appreciate comfort food when I’m hungover and roast dinners are the ultimate comfort food in most people’s eyes so I met a pal for the Black Swan Sunday Roast one evening when I was feeling a little lack lustre.

I’ve seen a few appreciative tweets about the Black Swan Sunday Roast, they even claim it’s the best in Leeds, so I’d already set my expectations higher than your average roast. We sat downstairs in the bar area rather than the main restaurant as we’d nabbed ourselves a booth and were planning to hang around for a while. Me and my dinner date both ordered the Lamb Roast Dinner (£11.95) along with a portion of Cauliflower Cheese (£3.50) to share.

The food came pretty swiftly after we ordered, and we were soon faced with a hearty plate of Sunday dinner. I get pretty bored of the same foods quickly so like loads of different stuff on my plate which the Black Swan successfully managed; an array of different vegetables including red cabbage, smashed parsnip, pea puree (I think) and spring greens (again I think). All were flavourful and far away from the watery, token veg I usually associate with a roast dinner. The lamb was also tasty however I like mine pink which it wasn’t, my friend’s was though so in hindsight I should have requested when ordering. And my favourite bit? THE CARBS OBVIOUSLY. The Yorkshire puds were massive, light and not greasy at all. Hooray for carbs! The roast potatoes were also fab; crispy on the outside but soft & fluffy inside. Double hooray for carbs! The Cauliflower Cheese was okay, the taste was good (mmmm cheesy) but not wet enough for my liking – I like a lot of sauce on my cauliflower cheese!
Black Swan Sunday Roast
Black Swan Sunday Roast 1
For pudding I didn’t fancy anything too heavy so had the Gin & Tonic Jelly (£5.95); the jelly had a (delicious) strong G&T flavour and worked well with the Sicilian lemon sorbet, a nice palette cleanser but I thought it was perhaps a bit overpriced considering it was a very small potion of the actual jelly. I had serious envy over my date’s pudding; she went for the Banana Bread (£5.95) which was big sliced of banana bread served with caramelised banana, ice cream and white chocolate powder – a stodgy, comforting, hug in a bowl dessert.
Black Swan Sunday Roast 2
Black Swan Sunday Roast 3
Am I a roast convert then? Not entirely. I can definitely see that the Black Swan does a very decent one and I’d know how to make the most of it next time I ordered but looking over their regular menu I feel like I’m missing out on something more exciting; Confit Duck Leg! Beef & Bone Marrow Burger! Pigs Cheeks! The Black Swan Sunday Roast certainly made my hangover feel better though…

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