Bad Egg Brunch – London

One of my biggest bugbears about getting older isn’t the wrinkles I can slowly see creeping around my eyes or the grey hairs cropping up ten a penny. It’s the hangovers. I very, very rarely used to get them when I was younger. I’d have had to have been chugging the cheapest alcohol for ten hours straight before I even felt slightly queasy the next day. Now I just have to look at a glass of wine and I’m a hungover hot mess for 2 days. So with that in mind I had the best intentions to meet up with one of my best gal pals for a (late) bottomless boozy birthday brunch at Bad Egg but age got the better of me…

If you Google Bad Egg it’s pretty well known for its bottomless brunches; it’s £35 for 2 hours all you can drink (fizz, mimosas and Bloody Marys) along with 3 small plates. All the reviews I read had been great so it was decided it would be our brunch choice. Despite being quite hungover from a few drinks the evening before I maintained right up until I opened the door of Bad Egg that I would be taking full advantage of the bottomless drinks…but then as soon as we sat down I chickened out and this happened:
Bad Egg
I went for the Virgin Brunch instead (£23.50) and drowned myself in Homemade Lemonade and coffee. And the food? I definitely didn’t chicken out on that. My date and I decided to get (mostly) everything to share so we ended up ordering all of the veggie stuff as she doesn’t eat meat.
Bad Egg 1
Bad Egg 2
Bad Egg 3
We had the Breakfast Tacos, Avo & Egg on Toast, Chilaquiles and Macanchini (not pictured because hungover = bad at photos). The tacos were my date’s favourite of the small plates. Piled up with scrambled eggs, guc, salsa and chipotle they had all the makings of perfect hangover food; carb, protein, fat and a good chipotle kick to cut through the nausea. My favourite dish was the chilaquiles; fried corn tacos topped with salsa, chipotle sauce, guc, goat’s curd, jalapenos & a fried egg. Sort of like a very nice variation of nachos, they really hit the spot and I could have eaten way, way more than was on offer. The Guc & Egg on toast was standardly good, though to be honest you know you’re in trouble if a restaurant messes up a dish as simple as this. The Macanchini split mine & my friend’s opinion; she thought they were fairly average but I really like them. Three crispy mac n cheese balls sat on top of a spicy chipotle sauce which lifted them from being too rich. They were surprisingly light for deep fried carb too!

For ‘dessert’ we both chose French Toast as they were out of pancakes. I had the Fried Chicken, Banana & Maple Syrup; my friend had the Blueberry Jam & Vanilla Cream.
Bad Egg 4
Bad Egg 5
Both of the french toasts were light and crispy without being greasy. The blueberry jam and vanilla cream was nice but my chicken, banana and maple syrup was definitely my favourite. I’m a big fans of sweet & savoury and this absolutely hit the mark.

And apart from the food? It was really busy so I’d book in advance, I’d be surprised if they take any walk ins so it’s one to plan ahead for. Also the service was really friendly but a bit patchy (a few reminders we were waiting on drinks and forgotten orders). Loads of other reviews I’ve read though say it’s always really attentive and they’re constantly topping up your drink so maybe we went on an off day.

I really liked the food at Bad Egg (and quite a few of the other small plates caught my eye) so I’d totally go back again but I’d make sure I wasn’t hungover next time and take advantage of the booze. Bad Egg is most definitely, actually a good egg.

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