Skinny BBQ

Hoooooray summer is here (well for a few days at least) which means hanging out in our newly refurbed garden! I’ve spent the past few days lying out on the grass watching CSI, blogging, working and trying to convince the neighbours cat that it wants to be my friend (he doesn’t). We’ve started to eat outside (a true sign of impending summer) and had our first BBQ of the year last night. Now BBQ’s can be a tricky one if you’re trying to eat healthy, it can be a slippery slope of burgers, sausages and doughy white bread…mmmmmm delicious. However I think I’ve managed to crack a healthier alternative, just have a gander at the recipes below.skinnybbq1skinnybbq2Meat
-King prawns marinated in grated garlic and smoked paprika, skewered (soak wooden ones for a bit in water so they don’t catch fire) and cooked on the BBQ.
-Chicken breast scored and marinated in cajun seasoning for a few hours, oven cooked and then finished off on the barbie.

-A fresh potato salad sans mayo does the trick. Try this recipe for 2: 250g boiled new tats, seasoning, a handful of capers, 1 shallot finely diced and a tablespoon of sherry vinegar. I completely forgot to add any herbs but I bet parsley would finish the salad off brilliantly.

-A bag of green leaves is a must.
-My favourite summertime salad is a take on a Jamie Oliver one. Half some cherry toms (it looks hella pretty if you can get hold of different coloured ones), add a splash of balsamic vinegar, seasoning, a pinch of dried oregano, a grated clove of garlic and a handful of chopped basil-mix and leave for a few hours.

-Pickled things! We went for caper berries and pickled green chillies along with making some pickled red onions (finely slice a red onion, add the juice of a lime & a pinch of salt-sit for at least a few hours). I’d also recommend pickled red cabbage or balsamic pickled onions.
-Holy moly gucamole! I’m a total guc snob and I’d always say make it fresh, it’s infinity more tasty and takes 30 secs. Your base should be a mashed avocado, juice of a lime (to taste, I like it zingy) and a pinch of salt. You can also add finely chopped coriander, diced red onion, spring onions or small cubed tomatoes.

-Try Gizzi Erskine’s delicious Baked Banana’s with Peanut Butter, Dark Choc and Marshmallows. Perfect to do on the BBQ and a diet friendly 160 cals per serving!

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