Midweek Sweet Treats

(c) Garry Knight

I love sweet treats, I have a seriously big sweet tooth. In fact I have a whole mouth jam packed full of them (though that’s not to say I don’t have a savoury tooth…I just want all the food). Having a sweet tooth doesn’t always go hand in hand with trying to save naughty treats for the weekend though so over the years I’ve managed to collect a few fall back midweek treats that keep my sweet tooth satisfied.

Sorbet – one of my absolute favourite puddings, regardless of being in a naughty or nice mood. Waitrose do a very nice mango flavour along with a lemon one, Sainsburys for their raspberry and Morrison for their lemons with chunks of zest! (I’m quite the sorbet connoisseur)

Frozen Yoghurt – I have trouble getting on with frozen yoghurt, I’m still not quite down with the sour aftertaste but I’ve recently discovered Waitrose Love Life Chocolate Frozen Yoghurt which tastes exactly like ice-cream – I kid you not!

Ice-Cream – Skinny Cow have been around as long as I can remember, in fact I even remember my mum buying them when I lived at home. I’m a big fan of their Mint Choc Chip lollies as they don’t taste ‘diety’ at all.

Dark Choc Dipped Strawberries – self explanatory and make me feel like I live in Pinterest and can also be frozen so you can make batches.

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