Mid-Week Staples

After a gluttonous Easter and bank holiday weekend I’m feeling a tad heavy on my feet so I’m planning to curb the cheat meals over the next few weeks in favour of some lighter options, especially now summer’s round the corner! I tend to trip up mostly during the week if I’ve had a hard day and can’t be bothered to cook so I’m making sure we’ve got food in for some mid-week staples, below are a few of my favourites…

BBC Good Food-Salmon with salsa verde new potatoes
This is one that we have quite often as it’s so quick to do and the salsa verde is mostly made up of store cupboard ingredients + herbs you might have knocking around. It does require a little love and care if you chop it by hand (luckily the boy never complains about doing this). The salsa packs a punch and lifts the dish into the perfect throw together with one eye on the tv kinda meal-dead simple but dead tasty. We usually have it with asparagus or green beans on the side.

Gizzi Erskine-Black Bean Tacos
This is an odd one for me as I HATE beans however I usually make it with extra quantities of the black bean hummus (I don’t mind them blended) and less in the salsa. I like dishes with lots of little ‘bits’ so this is a great one as you have the salsa, hummus, salad & feta. We’re trying to eat more brown carb so we’ll have them with The Food Doctor Multi-seed Wraps.

If you’re looking for the ultimate use up odds and ends/bang it in the oven meal try out puff pastry tarts topped with just about anything. I usually go for the light version and use a quarter of a sheet per person. All you need to do is add the toppings (I’ve listed a few below that I’ve made before), shove in the oven for around 20/25 mins and serve with a salad.

-Courgette & ricotta: a few tbsp of ricotta (mixed with a twist of pepper & grate of nutmeg), spread over the pastry. Lay on a finely sliced courgette & a few basil leaves.
-Goats cheese, caramelized red onion & wilted spinach: a bit naughtier but very delicious!
-Tomato & feta: a spread of a soft cheese (so you don’t get a soggy bottom) then top with slices of tomato, crumbled feta and basil leaves.

Other toppings: pesto, any cheese, olives, red onion, butternut squash, leeks, anchovies, bacon, ham, chorizo, asparagus…

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