Healthy Recipe Round-Up

chorizo salad 2
I’ve been trying to stick to healthy eating for most meals recently with only the odd burger splurge here and there (the less we talk about that McDonald’s breakfast the better). I always find healthy eating can be tough to do on the fly so I’ve got a Pinterest board with over 100 different recipes pinned so I don’t end up just going for a plain chicken breast (to be honest it’s more likely I’d panic and buy a bag of doughnuts for dinner). Generally I use BBC Good Food as it’s pretty idiot proof; plus you can filter by dish, calories, diet type etc. Some of my favourite recipes at the moment are:

Warm Chorizo & Chickpea Salad (pictured) I tend to use more chickpeas and less chorizo than suggested so it’s more filling (but less fun). I don’t know about you but my fridge hoards jars of antipasti (middle class much) so it’s a good chuck anything in type of recipe.

Dandan Noodles So easy to knock up quickly and perfect for any odds & ends veg you’ve got lying around. If I’ve got time I usually let some garlic, soy sauce and ginger (+ a lemongrass stick if I’ve any in the fridge) simmer in water for 30 mins to create a faux broth to use instead of the noodle water suggested.

Asian Pulled Chicken Salad Roast chicken is the best isn’t it? Especially crispy skin *drool* however being a 2 person household means usually 1 chicken is too big for us (I jest, I could definitely eat, and probably have, a whole chicken by myself however in the spirit of healthy we’ll say it’s unmanageable) so this is a great recipe for day after leftovers. Although the recipe doesn’t seem like much it actually makes a pretty decent dinner if you chuck some more veg in.

Satay Chicken Bowl I’d say out of all of the recipes this is my favourite. Ridiculously easy to make and most of the ingredients are stuff we have around (we’ve never bothered with lime leaves and just use normal sugar instead of palm). The only thing I’d say is that yellow Thai curry paste can be a b**tard to get hold of however we’ve made it with green or red and it’s still good. Recently we’ve not had any rice (or carb) and just added more veg; radishes and raw carrots work well with this one.


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