Halfway House Paella

Everyone that knows me will tell you, I’m a very all or nothing kinda girl. I don’t tend to do things by half measures, so if I make a paella it’ll either be full on paella pan with saffron shipped direct from Spain or….a ready meal paella. Tonight I did something a bit unusual for me, I paid the halfway house a visit. Although this recipe is mostly made from bits and pieces around the house (nothing special), it’s frickin’ delicious and has the added bonus of being around 380 calories a serving. It’s the perfect midweek meal as it takes about half an hour to make (and most of that is the rice cooking), you can use whatever’s lying around but it’s big on flavour. Enjoy!

For 2
25g chorizo finely diced
1/2 white onion finely sliced
125g risotto/arborio rice
350ml veg or chicken stock
1/2 tsp smoked paprika (I’m sure normal paprika would be fine)
1/3 tsp turmeric
100g frozen peas
200g frozen king prawns (any other seafood would be fine)
Big bunch of asparagus, spears chopped in half.
1 lemon

Fry your chorizo until it starts to release oil, then fry the onion in the same pan until cooked. Add your rice and fry very lightly for a few minutes (make sure it doesn’t crisp or burn!).
Add your stock, paprika, turmeric & a good grind of pepper. Put a lid on the pan until the rice is cooked. Check it a few times and if it looks a bit dry add a slosh of water.
When the rice is cooked (should be creamy but still have a slight bite) add your asparagus, peas and prawns on top. Keep the lid on for about 5 mins, or when all cooked through. Keep an eye out that the bottom of the rice doesn’t burn.
Squeeze half the lemon over and stir through.
Serve with the remainder lemon cut into wedges!

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