Rare Beef, Potato, Radish & Tomato Salad

steaksalad1Last birthday one of my lovely friends bought me Gizzi Erskine’s Skinny Weeks & Weekend Feast, the premise being eat good during the week and treat yourself at the weekend. So far I’ve only made a handful of dishes from it (shameful) but they’ve all been fabulous, especially the Chicken Satay Rice Bowl, Black Bean Tacos & Chicken Banh Mi.

Last weekend me and the boy made this delicious salad, which was super quick to whip up and just the right size for a weekend lunch. I admit we did add more potatoes but in my defense we missed out the oil…what can I say, this girl loves carbs.

Next on my hit list are the Peanut Butter & Cornflake Brownies (weekend obvs)…

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