Philips Viva Juicer

I do tend to have a bit of a turbulent love affair with healthy eating. I really do like the idea of it, and sometimes I really get into it. But boy can it be hard work. Plus butter just tastes so darn good! But at the moment I’m about to go back on a health kick, which is great seeing as this juicer landed on my doorstep!

I’ve never actually used a juicer before but managed to get this one out of the box, up and working within 5 mins (impressive, especially as I was a bit hungover). It’s a fairly extraordinary little beast, I was surprised at how efficient it was and how little work went into the juicing, just shove anything in really. We opted to make a green juice (recipe below) which feels like drinking health in a glass.  I also plan to use up all the odd carrots I end up having knocking around into a carrot and ginger juice.

Now onto the bit EVERYONE whines about with juicers…the cleaning. This one is assembled in a few different bits which come apart really easily. There’s a section which holds all the leftover ‘pulp’ which you can chuck away and easily rinse. The only slightly annoying bit is the actually blade/sieve…  This takes slightly more work to clean (by no means hard work though) but I’m sure this is the case in all juicers.

If you fancy checking out this one (or any similar juicers) head over to Argos

Green Juice for 2
2 green apples
1 chunk of ginger
1 handful of kale
4 sticks of celery
Half a lemon
1 cucumber


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