Part Time Veggie

Black bean brunch
I get bored pretty easily; I have a short attention span and love nothing more than change – especially when it comes to food. My idea of hell is the same rotation of meals every week. I can appreciate that in other times of life it’s due to ease (probably kitchen experimentation whilst you’ve got to feed 3 kids isn’t the highest priority) but right now I want to play around with my food.

Cooking anything can be daunting though, anything is pretty big. That’s why I try and guide myself a little bit. In the past it’s switched up a bit; sometimes it’s only using freezer food, sometime it’s a particular cook book. This time I’ve got my sights set on more veggie meals. I’m planning to become a part time vegetarian. Monday-Friday evening I’ll be ditching meat in favour of more vegetables and pulses. To be honest it won’t be the biggest shock to the system – around half or more of our mid-week meals are veggie anyway but I’ll be making more of a conscious effort to plan around it, including eating out.

Why? Well, I want to save a bit more money (I’m hoping we can do this by eating less fish & meat, and more pulses) and I want to get back into the swing of healthier eating mid-week. It’ll also force me to try hard with food. Good vegetarian food is delicious but you have to work at it rather than relying on fish or meat which I’m hoping will make me mix up my cooking a bit.

I’ve got a few cook books like Hugh FW’s Veg Everyday, Plenty & Cranks Bible but please do let me know your favourite veggie recipes/books!

p.s. if you fancy making my Black Bean Brunch pictured the recipe is here

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