Lose Weight January

I’m writing this as I drink a cup of green tea/left over dish washer water, that’s how serious I am about getting back in shape. In December, being healthy went by the wayside. In fact it was quite unceremoniously dumped by the wayside. No swimming (my excuse? I haven’t bought a swimming cap for my newly bleached hair), drinking far too much (that ain’t blood running through my veins, its mulled wine) and eating pretty much the equivalent of a small child every day (no I don’t mean portions of a small child, I literally mean a small child).

The result, my first day back at work I spent the better part of the day with my pencil skirt zip half undone. Don’t worry, no tribunal hearings, I had a long top to cover it. The boy has fared slightly better because of his height but unfortunately on me (5’4) half a stone ain’t gonna be hidden, it is standing loud and proud. So me and the boy are having a “lose weight January”

-no drinking (unless we *have* to and then it’s clears only)
-no mid week treats
-treats at the weekend will be confined to very small, very modest (i.e. very boring)
-healthy meals only (that means you camembert!)
-start swimming again (P even asked if we should start running…I laughed in his face)
-I’m going to start drinking green tea. It must be doing something good considering how bad it tastes.

So my secret weapon for all of this is the BBC Good Food website recipe finder. Choose the course, calorie count hey even choose the cuisine or occasion and voila, 100’s of recipes at your fingertips! So on the menu this weekend; yam neua, chicken tikka masala (with carrot salad and baby naan), skinny toad in the hole, open chicken cesar sandwich and Singapore noodles with steam pak choi. Sadly, I think, the key to losing weight through eating is good planning so January won’t be a very spontaneous month. Maybe February will fare better.

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