Licor 43

licor 43
In the run up to Cocktails in the City I was sent a sample of one of the exhibiting drinks, Licor 43. Since I’m still on a fairly strict no midweek drinking rule (apart from last night when I actually went to Cocktails in the City…) it’s been sitting in my kitchen waiting to be drunk.

I’m still feeling a bit fragile after last night (more cocktail sugar OD rather than hangover though) so thought I’d treat P to a post work drink, I used it to make a bit of a Licor 43 Sour.

I mixed roughly 1/3 Licor 43 to 2/3 lemon juice, chucked in a few ice cubes and a slice of lime.
The result was really rather delicious. It has a syrupy taste with strong flavours of vanilla, fruit and herbs – P thought it tasted a bit peaty. Sounds weird but it reminded me of Disaronno but without tasting like almonds…

Licor 43 is a Spanish liquor and not something I’ve come across in cocktails before, I’ve had a scout round and there’s a few ways different that people have it that sound rather lovely; in an espresso, over ice cream or with ginger ale.

I’ve still got another mini so I might have to try it again when I’m not feeling so delicate…

This was sent to me for free however views are my own.

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