I don’t usually give up anything for lent, it just so happens that I’m planning to make a couple of changes to my diet and it’s coincided with lent. I might use the length of time as a bit of a barometer though and decide from that if I want to stick with the changes.

1. Have 1 carb-less meal a day. So far I’ve been working this round lunch (I say so far, I mean 2 days). I haven’t really been really hungry however this may be due to my mid afternoon iced gems…

2. Switch from white rice, pasta & bread to brown rice with wholemeal pasta & bread. Slow release + fibre = happy tummy

3. Limit lazy meals. I keep on about this one but I do need to quash it. Too many times me & P get in from work and just nip out to eat or grab a takeaway however we’ve loaded the house up with healthy food so hopefully temptation won’t get the better of us.

Wish me luck!

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