Kitchen Favourites

Summer Rolls
Tinned Pineapple
I have a major sweet tooth but chocolate fondant Tuesday doesn’t exactly fit into my healthy eating plan so I have to compromise. My newest favourite healthy treat is grilled pineapple with honey & cinnamon, so we always have a few tins of pineapple rings in the cupboard. I’ve also tried some other fruits (grapefruit, apricots, apple, peaches) if that’s more your bag. Just whack your fruit under the grill for around 10 mins with chosen topping and voila – easy, healthy, quick midweek pudding. Brown sugar also works well as does bashing some mint into it.

Frozen Dumplings
I absolutely love dumplings however they can be laborious to make yourself and expensive to buy from supermarkets, well most supermarkets. But if you pop down to your nearest Chinese supermarket you’ll be in luck as they do massive bags you can pop in the freezer. I usually go to the Chinese supermarket on Vicar Lane, Taste the Orient, as they do 3 bags of dumplings for a tenner. My personal favourites are the Lamb & Carrot and the Pork & Chive but there’s loads of different varieties. You can cook them from frozen so perfect for a lazy dinner or have a few as a side instead of rice/noodles.

Spring/Summer Rolls Kit
These take a little more effort than the dumplings however you can fill them with odds and ends from the kitchen so they’re a good ‘use up’ meal. For ultimate frugalness have them with tempura odds and ends.

Microwave Rice
I know, I know laziness at its ultimate buuut in my defence I like the microwave packets because you can get a variety of different rice mixes without filling up the cupboards (small kitchen woes). Wholegrain, pearl wheat, quinoa etc. Plus, yes, the 90 seconds in the microwave is a selling point.

I have about a million (okay maybe slight exaggeration) pastes on the top shelf of our fridge; chipotle, tamarind, miso, harissa, jerk… They’re great to sling into dishes for extra flavour but my favourite way to use them at the moment is spread thinly over an aubergine sliced in half then bake – great with a rice salad.

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