I Am Doner

I Am Doner
I’ve made no secret of my love hate relationship with takeaways. On the one hand a great evening is a good takeaway, nice wine & trashy film but on the other hand I often find a lot of takeaways can leave me feeling feeling greasy and are a disappointment which is why I was so happy when Deliveroo came to Leeds. Restaurant food in my PJs? Yes please!

Annoyingly though the catchment area for Deliveroo is quite small so the choice in Headingley/Meanwood isn’t the largest (My Thai & Boss Burgers are a big plus though!), I often check in on the app to see what’s new. I Am Doner piqued my interest straight away. It’s run by the ex-chef of White’s (just a few doors up) with the aim of bringing nice kebabs to the people of Leeds. The prices are very reasonable; I went for the Roast Chicken, Feta & Garlic Mayo Rice Box (£5.50) and Sweet Potato Fries (£2.00). If you’ve not used Deliveroo, after you order you have a tracker so you can see your food’s journey, right up to your doorstep.

Now kebabs have a bad rap, often they’re greasy doners eaten at 3am after a long beer session, but these are a million miles away. The roast chicken was just as you’d expect moist homemade roast chicken to be but with subtle spicing. It was served with grated carrot, pickled cabbage, roasted veg along with rice and a smattering of feta. All really tasty and not swimming in grease so felt half way healthy. The sweet potato fries were also really good; nice and crispy as often I find sweet potato can go a bit soggy especially if they’ve traveled. The garlic mayo was the standard you get in kebab shops though and it felt like this dish deserved a higher quality which was a shame. I also requested on the app no peppers which I found in the roast veg and cut up with the rice. No biggie as it was mostly me being picky (and I did actually really like the roast peppers) but if you’re allergic to anything it would be worth calling up just to double check.

Final thoughts on I Am Doner? Definitely worth you trying out. I’ve heard the Lamb & Feta is exceptional so I’ll be ordering again in the very near future!

This meal was complimentary courtesy of Deliveroo.

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  1. Hey, having just read your article on junk food (tho lets not call it that just yet!) it rings very similar to one I have just written. Freakishly similar in places in fact. Anyway, I really enjoyed the read.

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