Harvey Nichols Summer Sipping

The first glance of summer and we want to be out in the BBQ with a glass of booze in hand, am I right? I tend to slip into the same pattern; either some sort of fizz (is prosecco the new Starbucks basic bitch?) or an ice cold G&T. But oh my is there a much bigger alcohol world out there.

Harvey Nichols invited me to their Summer Sipping event, a showcase of their favourite hot weather tipples. There were around 30 different alcohols on show so I won’t go into every single one, I’ve just picked out a few of my favourites…

Harvey Nichols Summertime Sipping 1
I absolutely loved the Edinburgh Gin Rhubarb & Ginger Liqueur and the Elderflower Liqueur (both £19.50). Perfect with a few ice cubes if you fancy something strong than wine (they’re 20% ABV) or topping up a glass of fizz to give it a nice twist. If you prefer to eat your booze I can imagine a glug of this poured over some sorbet would be equally as delicious.

Harvey Nichols Summertime Sipping 2
I’m not a whiskey fan but though this was a nice idea; peanut butter, jam & whiskey. It’s ready to drink but probably a bit strong neat for me at 35% ABV so dilute it down if needed.

Harvey Nichols Summertime Sipping
Okay, I’ll admit it – I’m a prosecco basic bitch. I can’t escape it even when I try. Harvey Nichols does a very nice bottle (£15.50). Adding the hibiscus flowers makes it feel summery and a bit more special. I’ve done a bit of Googling and you can buy the flowers at a lot of health food shops if you fancy sprucing up a glass.

Harvey Nichols Summertime Sipping 4
Obviously with all this booze, food is a must. When it comes down to condiments I tend to get a bit lazy. I buy a nicer one and hope for the best…but in all fairness there are better things to do in the sunshine (like drink). The Tubby Tom’s sauces are the best of both worlds; easy AND taste amazing. I couldn’t stop raving about the Smokey Schweet BBQ, sweet & rich with the right level of smokiness – basically BBQ in a bottle. I can’t find them on the Harvey Nichols site so imagine they’re newbies.

Harvey Nichols Summertime Sipping 3
Finally the last of my favourite drinks was Zeca Cachaca (£34 a bottle) which is a Brazilian spirit made from sugar cane. A really clean, smooth drink which was so refreshing mixed with Sicilian lemonade.

Harvey Nichols Summertime Sipping 5
I’ve saved the best till last of course! Harvey Nichols are stocking a brand called Sugarfina which make these AMAZING boozy ‘candy bento boxes’. There’s 3 different themes; Cocktails, Gummy or Vice Collection. I tried a few from each box including Dirty Martini (Chocolate Almond Olive), Kir Royale Cordials (which had a liquid centre), Pale Ale Pint Jelly Sweets and Chocolate Bacon Toffee. They’re not cheap (£44.95 a box) but so much fun and would be a great present (or a talking point if you were going to one of *those* awkward dinner parties).

See what I mean about there being a whole world of booze to explore? And seeing as the weather seems to have perked up a bit, maybe there’ll be a few more times this year we can celebrate summer with a glass of something nice in hand.

I was invited to this event by Harvey Nichols.

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