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Usually my blog revolves around restaurant reviews, recipes and the like; rarely do I get into the deeper side of society’s (and my) emotional relationship with food but it’s something I’ve been reading a lot about recently. I won’t go on for too long, especially as there’s much more eloquently and well researched articles out there than I could ever hope to write…but I wanted to draw on particularly the trend of clean & wellness eating. The below links cover my general thoughts; food shouldn’t be dirty or clean (it’s food), it shouldn’t need to be earned (that’s for dogs) and you shouldn’t feel guilty about eating (again, it’s food). Strike a chord…?

  • Everything by The Angry Chef, read here.
  • One of my favourite bloggers, Poppy Dinsey, interviewed The Angry Chef – read that here.
  • Ruby Tandoh wrote a great article for Vice – The Unhealthy Truth Behind ‘Wellness’ and ‘Clean Eating’. Read it here.
  • Grace Victory did a documentary for BBC3 called Clean Eating’s Dirty Secrets which you can watch here.
  • Aside from emotional and mental heath relationships with clean eating & wellness, it’s also intrinsically linked to social divide. The Angry Chef wrote a really interesting blog post about Convenience Food here

For me, it’s about balance – not demonising or fetishising. It’s a hard mindset to break though as for most it’s so entrenched in the way we feel about food and it’s certainly a journey I’m still on. But I’m trying… now, pass me the custard creams.

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