I’ve seen Chobani hanging around. I first noticed it because they’ve got some really nice digital stuffs going on (work me) and then secondly a couple of bloggers I follow mentioned them (Gem from seems to eat it loads!). I’d never actually *seen* it in shops to buy though. Luckily I was sent loads of different flavours to try out. And that’s the first thing I decided I really liked about Chobani. They’re interesting flavours; pomegranate, blueberry, passion fruit even blood orange along with the more mainstream strawberry and raspberries. The ‘fruit in the bottom’ range come in 170g pots (a few flavours come in smaller pot multipacks), around 120-150 calories but they’re pretty substantial, one pot filled me for breakfast.

The yoghurts have a fruity layer at the bottom which actually tastes real (hallelujah) and the yoghurt on top is delicious! Just the right balance of sweet and sharp with a smooth, creamy taste. The only thing I wasn’t 100% on was that some of them has seeds in. Obviously this is ace because it means the fruit is real, but I think perhaps I’m so used to synesthetic fruit yoghurts it was a bit…unexpected. I could definitely get over that though, just need to eat more to get used to them 😉

The big pot of 0% fat yoghurt was a real gem. So full and creamy, it almost tasted like sour cream. I used it for a couple of different things; a smoothie, a chive dip to go with a baked potato and then one evening with a dollop of jam for pudding!-as you can see, very versatile.

I’m a fully pledged Chobani convert. My only quam is I can’t seem to find them anywhere… I need the Black Cherry and Passion Fruit flavours in my life so consider this an SOS.

p.s. Sorry about my awful photo, I wanted to get stuck in so much I didn’t hang around. If you want to see nice photos take a peek at their website

This was sent to me for free however views are my own.

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