Being Better

So I’m just coming out the other side of a bit of flu, although it’s not been the worst it feels like it’s been going on forever as it’s come pretty much back to back after a nasty hangover (no sympathy I know). But it has made me have a bit of a think, it’s probably no coincidence that for the past month or so I’ve felt tired/run down and for the past month or so I’ve gotten into some pretty bad eating habits. My sleeping really has been atrocious.

I’ve become a bit of a…(lazy eater). Shove on some pasta, call up a takeaway, last night it was even just a packet of Doritos for dinner. And I’ve eaten out waaaay too much, the other week I’d been out to the same restaurant 3 times in just over 10 days, eeeeek.

So I need to get back on the fruit & veg wagon. No more shortcuts, no more carb loading and definitely no more jars of chocolate spread & a spoon night…

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