As always when the new year hits so does the paralysing reality “am I ever going to get back into that skirt?” “will I always drink at least a bottle of wine every night?” “is it normal to eat a selection box as a between meal snack?”

Gone is the Terry’s Chocolate Orange shaped Christmas bubble. And so my friends, we’re back here. New Year’s Resolution time. Last year I didn’t really make a resolution, more a vow that I would be healthy and not drink in January. I vaguely managed the healthiness however miserably failed at the non-drinking. This year I’m going to try and be a bit less strict with it, just keep on with the healthy eating and limit the boozing to once a week. Manageable right?

To get us on the right track I dug out a rather tasty (and very healthy) soup recipe for lunch, enjoy!blackbean soupYou might have seen this little number on the blog before as I made it when I was trying to conquer my fear of beans, it’s Chipotle Black Bean Soup with Lime Pickled Red Onions (you can find the recipe here). Instead of the tortilla chips it suggested, I opted for cutting a Weight Watchers wrap into triangles then baking until crispy, around a 100 cals. Especially good if you’re like me and a big bag of tortilla chips doesn’t stand a chance of survival in your house.

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