The Library of Fragrance – Vanilla Cake Batter

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I don’t tend to post a lot about beauty on the blog (though I’m a skincare fiend so I might in the near future), mostly I stick to food however I thought this one was a bit of a halfway house…a perfume…THAT SMELLS LIKE BAKING.

You might have seen The Library of Fragrance range before, they’ve attracted a bit of attention due to all their wild and wacky scents – everything from Dirt to Pizza to Mushroom. I was contacted by them to see if I’d like to try one and opted for the more mainstream sweet smelling Vanilla Cake Batter.

At first when I tried the Vanilla Cake Batter I thought it was way too sweet for me, reminding me a bit of the perfumes I’d wear when I was a teen however I tried combining it with Tom Ford Vanille Tobacco and it worked well. The Tom Ford made it a bit more grown up and the Vanilla Cake Batter made it a bit more day timey.

That’s where I think the niche for The Library of Fragrance is, they’re affordable enough that you can buy a few different scents and layer them up to create your own unique blend. Or just buy the one and use it with an existing perfume. They’ve got tips on their website on how to create your own bespoke scent if you fancy giving it a go. I think I could be onto a winner with the below combo:

Amber, Black Pepper, Leather and Tobacco

You can buy all of the scents from their website (below) and Boots also sell a selection. The fragrances are all £15 for 30ml – bargain!

This was sent to me for free however views are my own.

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