New York City – Day 4

Our last day in New York City was nearly another full day as our flight wasn’t till 8pm and it only takes 30 mins to get from Manhattan to Newark. We didn’t have to check out of our apartment till 12 noon so pottered around Williamsburg for a few hours.

Sweet Chick
We had breakfast at Sweet Chick, a cool restaurant on Bedford Avenue (the main street in Williamsburg). We had iced coffee and big glasses of orange juice to ward off the night before red wine fuzziness then I had the Sweet Chick Waffles. Big fluffy waffles topped with fresh fruit, spiced honey and whipped ricotta were amazing – not stodgy at all and nearly healthy. P had Smoked Pork Hash which was also delicious with a decent peppery kick.
New York City Day 4 - 1
New York City Day 4 - 2

Chelsea Market
After dropping our bag off at Penn Station we got the subway over to Chelsea Market. It’s an indoor market filled with loads of different fresh food shops and places to eat so go hungry! It’s right by the High Line which we didn’t realise so definitely combine these two if you’re planning a visit. We didn’t spend too long here as it was really busy and we’d just eaten but we found a cute little park out the back called 14th Street Park which would be perfect to eat your wares.
New York City Day 4 - 3
New York City Day 4 - 4
New York City Day 4 - 5
New York City Day 4 - 6
New York City Day 4 - 7

Grand Central Station
We visited Grand Central partly (okay mostly) because it was an excuse to visit the food hall however I was completely taken back by the main concourse. It’s absolutely stunning and such a vast, impressive space. The ceiling is so beautiful, totally worth a visit.
New York City Day 4 - 8
New York City Day 4 - 9

Shake Shack
There are loads of Shake Shacks around New York City (like 15 I think) but we decided to combine ours with a visit to Grand Central. The food concourse is downstairs and it’s busy (like everywhere in NYC), it took around 20 mins to queue for and get our food however it was worth it. Look at that burger! Simple, juicy and delicious. P also had fries which were piping hot and crispy. Instead of fries I went to the next stand, Junior’s, for a slice of New York cheesecake. We ate it on the way to the airport and despite feeling sick we finished it all up as it was so good, a fitting end to the holiday!
New York City Day 4 - 10

If you’ve got a late flight absolutely use a luggage storage place. The one we used was in Penn Station and only costs $5 for 24 hours. You can only use this one though if you’ve got a Penn Station train ticket.

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